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Yeah, that's me...
Born and raised in a small town called Gelnhausen in the middle of Germany. I attended elementary school, high school, civilian service, studies in civil engineering and recieved a bachelor degree in engineering. A simple life like it should be ... or should it? I knew I needed a change.
It happend 2012 on an abroad semester in Namibia: I fell in love with traveling. How romantic! Since then I've constantly had to open Google Earth to watch even the last corner of the globe. Though, physically impossible it is pretty entertaining! It's kind of disappointing when you realize, that you just spent all night watching a screen of the world for quite a long time, when you have to get up early tomorrow. Restless, I moved to Berlin, a city where the world is at home. I was fascinated by all of its international culture, but still wanted more. So, how do you solve the problem if you do not have a million euros in your account? Correct! Take your bike, pack your things and start.
Cycling is environmentally friendly, keeps you fit and is healthy. I already know how to ride a bike and that's a good start. I also fought in a guerrilla war (Berlin city traffic) and haven't got any scratches. The longest distance I ever rode a bike in one day was 60 km. Though this was exhausting I'm up for the challenge. I do not know exactly what I am doing, but I do know it will be a lot of fun.
Dennis, 26
A special thanks to all of my sponsors. You help make this journey a speacial one. Thank you!
The vsf fahrradmanufaktur based in Oldenburg, Germany is a cycle manufacturer, that is known for its high quality and long-living products. It offers bikes in different categories and for my purpose a model from the series "expedition" is the perfect choice. My faithfull companion, the TX-400, doesn't just look pretty sexy, but it's also one of the most robust bicycles on the market.
webpgr is a start-up from Berlin, Germany that developed a online-tool for the designing of damn good looking websites. It works dead easy. The webpgr-Team around CEO Thomas Handorf only showed me only a few tricks, and I could create this website almost completely on my own. That shows how easy it is to use, because I had no experience in building homepages. webpgr takes the hosting of the website and will support me during my journey in case of any problems. 
Webpgr Logo White on BG.png
"First, we are humans, then we are Turks or Germans" - spendabler Koch, Rize, Turkey
"I'm not beautiful, but I try to be beautiful" - Bengisu, Samsun, Turkey (eine der schönsten Frauen in der Türkei)

"Wenn ich ein Gott wäre, wäre ich ein Gott des Positiven Denkens … vorallem, wenn ich über mich denke" - Dennis, Gelnhausen, Germany

"Wer cool ist, geht auch alleine Basketball zocken!" - Hannes, Bamberg, Germany
"Mit meinem Charakter darf ich Suppen verkaufen" - Luisa, Berlin, Germany (über die Stellung der Frau in technischen Berufen)
"I can not cook, but I have to stay alive" - Setayesh, Tabriz, Iran (über seine erhöhte Anzahl an Besuchen im Restaurant)

"Wenn du's selbst machst, kanns keiner für dich falsch machen" - Dennis, Gelnhausen, Germany

"We are just temporary in this world. So we better enjoy our time" - Ferdinand, Borong, Indonesia
"Nepalese people are like a potato, it fits in every curry" - Roshan, Katle, Nepal