I had been in the middle of the rainy season as I drove through the Andes of Ecuador, Almost every day rain and cold. Contrary to Indonesia I missed the Equator this time but not and honestly, he was quite unspectacular. For the third time, a tire of the "unstable" Schwalbe Marathon tires buckled sideways and landed in the cemetery. The new Made in China car, which I held in the world's highest capital, Quito, set the 594-day speed record from Turkey at 78.63km / h on his first day of work. In addition, there was a new high-altitude record with 3868m, plus continuous rain at 4 ° C, delicious. Shortly before the border I asked myself: And what should I write now in the blog, here nothing happened.
On the last evening, which happened to be a Friday night, I landed at a Harley Davidson lover - motorcycle - rocker - type of guy. He invited me to visit a nightclub, where the taxi drivers and car chasers of this city rush their dollars. So a nightclub in which only men go, but also women are in it. The have, but i.d.R. Hardly anything. By chance, this nightclub belonged to my host's cousin, i. He knew every person there. That was good, because I did not even have more money to buy a beer, after all, it was the last day in Ecuador and I wanted to withdraw money back in Peru. As the story goes on, I keep it for myself, but the hospitality has reached a new level. Releasedate for a book does not exist, but the journey definitely provides enough material to write one. Stay tuned!