When I spoke to an old lady on my first day abroad, that is, in Austria, and told her that I was, among other things, To Colombia, she grabbed her head with both hands and called "Maria!". Also other older gentlemen, who read this here I can calm down: The times of Pablo Escobars are over.
Just as Venezuela has been going downhill for years, Colombia is on the uphill. Most of the people I had to deal with in Medellin had their own little shop or shop. I call it the "Colombian Dream" and it was quite inspiring, with many homeless people also traveling. Nevertheless, I was captivated by the joy of life of the people. So I stayed a week before I went by bike. The knife and the pipe were out of reach, I felt safe here. On the second day I met an Italian who was traveling with her Brompton folding bike and after seven days was robbed by two types in the open road. So again, knife and pipe ready to hand. Short gas give through the coffee zone to Cali the world capital of Salsa was reached.
As in Medellin, you can not tell from the hand that there are a lot of Bonitas, Guapas and Linda, that is, picture-loving female individuals. Why? Is just the way. This is a statement which can no longer be said. As there are many beautiful women, there are also a lot of bike-crazy and bicycle activists in these two cities. Z.b. In Cali, 500 people meet every Wednesday to travel around the city as a group, have fun and send a message at the same time. Los Angeles also gets this number, but only once a year and not even a week.
Also in Cali passed a week like in flight, I lived with a type of Psychodelic happy cookies vertickt. If you are so close to the source, so a part costs less than one euro and also looks so beautifully colorful and delicious, then one hardly gets drumrum. My conclusion: Never again. Even if I had some memories in mind, which I had completely forgotten, I was quite funny. Rather, damn dirty. The next day, when the spell was over, I had a black cross tattooed on my hand and continued.
It went into the Andes and for the first time I can seriously talk about drecks weather. Because of the altitude there were in some places during the day not much more than 10 ° C, also every day for hours rain. I got into the most rainy month and even though I had bought waterproof clothing, somehow I was still pitschnass. Now there was not even a single day when I stayed under 1000m Climbing. This hurts and will continue.
Towards the border to Ecuador, the military service increased to secure the situation and to keep the former / no longer active / officially no longer active / still very active FARC in check. It did not matter to me, however, when I saw the heavily armed soldiers, some of them even armored troop cars. Raus-Stempel pure, over, pure-stamp pure, Hello Ecuador!

Santurio de las Lachas und seine Jungfrau