BLOG EINTRAG #39 – Costa Rica

In Costa Rica the prices are alarmingly expensive. Significantly more expensive than in Germany. Streetfood does not exist here, it is prohibited by law for hygiene reasons. My chance to get back to health. Also here everything is very neat, clean streets, hardly people who hang out on the street, because they have nothing to do, many new cars, etc. And especially no xenophobia! That is, Micha and I dare to ask people to camp in the garden. The first night we landed with a "farmer" in the garden, who showed us a place where we can camp. There were no animals on this farm, however, only 3 dog-drawn dogs, tactfully distributed in the garden, who barked mightily. There were also no family, only two other types who still lived there. It was a bit suspicious, but we were also two, so I did not care. It was dark, we ate in the light cone of the street lights and when we were ready and went to our tents, a minibus with about 6 male and 4 female persons came by and they quickly entered the plot. They gathered together and a guy with a torch explained something. As a car passed, everyone suddenly ducked. Here it smelled again after illegal immigration, probably from Nicaraguanern. I hid behind the tent, that the smuggler does not see that we have seen her, to avoid that he has to leave us for security reasons. Micha the Eagle, however, had just found out that he had bought half a liter of milk in the supermarket, passed me, and sat in the middle of the light cone of the street lantern, about 15 meters away and in full view of the Nicaraguans enjoy. Quite relaxed, he looked at each one of the smugglers' hands before they disappeared somewhere between the two houses. I still sent the GPS data via SMS to my brother and hoped that I would still experience the next day. Micha was quite relaxed, the milk tasted really good. However, we survived the night. I've already camped with the police, fire brigade, Red Crescent, churches, etc., now I can also include the human smugglers in the portfolio. Two days later, however, we had to leave again, and he had to leave for Panama City, where his flight took off home. I made my way up to San Jose. 100km, more than 1,700 heights, one of the strongest winds of the tour, an extremely dangerous city motorway and the last 16 days uninterrupted. I've always done a lot of sports, but I was not so broken in my life. The day after that I could run only with difficulty and sitting myself was partly too strenuous. Fortunately, I had a contact from a German entrepreneur living in San Jose, where I could relax. Homepage geupdated, new brakes to the bicycle mount and booked flight. From Panama to Colombia on the 16th of February. This must be, because there is no road, only jungle, which one could even happen, but realistic is probably murdered by drug traffickers. In so far it's just time again in the air, in order to prove the flyness. I am anxious to see how the panama bananas taste so delicious.