BLOG EINTRAG #38 – Nicaragua

Imigration on the side of Nicaragua was very relaxed and safe. Change money again, this time in Córdoba and off you go. Again some gringo calls, but really good driving. My information was that Nicaragua, especially with its young people, was the most dangerous country in Central America. Jarrko, a pedaling Finn from Austria, whom I met here, told me that he was thrown twice by children with stones, and a guy with a machete wanted to steal his backpack, and he could get away with giving some cash. It was clear to me that I would give more gas. Past a guy who hit his hand with the fist in the sense of "I hurt you", past a worker who gesticulated to me and pointed to his machete, more gringo calls and 2 kids on bicycles Saw me and suddenly wanted to give gas, the rear fell and landed in the road ditch - Strike 5 !!! The only way to stay was so small motels. Fortunately, I was able to share the same day with Micha, 41 from Germany, with whom I had been traveling for 3 - 4 days, and I baptized "Micha the Eagle" as Eddy the Eagle liked to drink milk. If we were on a permanent note, we could still take 1 - 2 on the way leading highlights such as the very active Volcano Masaya, the Laguna de Apoyo and of course the huge Lake Nicaragua with its two volcanoes lying in the lake. The people were also much more friendly towards the south, but we were somewhat relieved when we crossed the border with Costa Rica.