BLOG EINTRAG #36 –El Salvador

In El Salvador, it took me a few minutes until I had calmed down, because I realized that it is not much more than Guatemala. If one goes through the security instructions of the Foreign Office, it seems as if there is no chance to get out of this country alive, already not at all, if one goes by bike here along. In fact, the people were actually quite nice and greeted friendly. On the first evening even an English-speaking teacher invited me to stay with him. I asked him if it was safe for me and whether it was safe for him and his family. He thought for a moment, maybe he'd seen someone else, too. He told me that here in El Congo (small town) the MS18 ruled and we could get into trouble and showed me a cheap Hospidaje, where I could stay for the night. In fact, the MS18 and above all the MS13 (Mara Salvatrucha) is not to be joked. It is the perhaps most dangerous course in the world and the inhibition threshold is very low, even if it is only around $ 50. But since it is mainly active in the big cities, I have driven it, or just took the main roads, and did not stay long in the city. Pump guns can be seen everywhere in El Salvador. Every supermarket, every major restaurant, every drinker must be secured. The subway restaurant on the Pacific Beach of La Liberdad has also been secured as only the high society I wanted to be part of this day can make a sub for me while small girls are trying to sell some fruit or nuts. This is so and I leave it uncommented. The beauty of my trip is, of course, to enjoy the feeling of freedom. However, in a country where you have to be extremely careful, where you can go and where it is not, it has not much to do with freedom, so I turned up a corridor and reached the border to Honduras after only three days. I had an original salvador haircut missing (who can say something?), Exchanged a few bucks in Lempiras and drove over.