BLOG EINTRAG #34 – Belize

For the time being, however, Belize, a country where you do not know where you are (unless you just read it at the border). English is spoken here and there are many white people who dominate the tourism sector, many Mayans, who have always been here and still speak some Mayan raids, many blacks, who were brought here as slaves from Africa and some Chinese who dominate any supermarkets. These supermarkets are incredibly expensive, actually Belize was the most expensive rice island in this regard. But there were all sorts of free oranges in the street, which had lost the orange vapors, which had always smelled so good as they had done, because of the quality of the roads. In the village of Hopkins on the Caribbean Sea, I thought I was in Africa. A fantastic place to live the symptoms of a Lamblia infection, which I had probably captured in Guatemala. Never did I get worse in the last 1 ½ years. But after two days of hell in paradise, I brought a 120 to the speedometer. From this day a quote from my diary: "dog gives chicken Clothline" -> a dog leaked dog wants to run after me and hurls a chicken through the air with his leash. Sometimes it is the little things that make a great joy. After the dog in Georgia, who banged a road sign with Vollspeed, the motorcycle accident in Myanmar and the girls on a bicycle in Indonesia, the fourth strike I had forced through my presence. I headed southwards, where there was a ferry to Guatemala which cost at least 30U $ + maybe 10U $ for the bike + 20U $ departure fee (normal in Belize), so a total of $ 60. On Google Earth, I had seen another road to Guatemala, but there was no information on the Internet and no one in the nearby villages could provide information. This option smelled so hard after illegal border crossing. I forced the decision with a coin flip, but was not satisfied with the opinion of the Belize dollar, the money flipped two more times until what clears at rauskam and then took me on the way to the mountains to the said transition. In the very last village, there was a soldier who took care of the Agricultural Check. He asked what I was doing here, telling me that he does not have an exit stamp, and that there is no imigration. I should talk to the village policeman, maybe in front of the junction. At the junction I was told that he was in the village. In the village I was told that he was in his police station, more precisely a police station. It was, however, closed and I was told that he was at the fork. Then I was told, maybe he'll be back tomorrow ... or next week. On the way back to the fork I found him standing with a few mechanics in the garden. He looked at me a bit too much. It was clear to me that there was nothing to be done here, and I wondered whether I would take this damn mountain down again and take the ferry or just go over it. So he asked me what I wanted here, I told him relatively hopelessly that I wanted to go to Guatemala and needed a stamp of escape. He seemed a bit confused, but he nodded, so he had understood what I had told him. He swung his backpack forward, opened it slowly, and brought a pillow from the mechanics here in the middle of the garden. Below is a stamp and another list. I could not believe it, but managed to successfully suppress my joy. He added my data to the list, which is really only applicable to people who work here in the border area, A day over, clapped the stamp in my passport, signed and said "Listo" (finished). The fact that the departure charge for me actually 20U $ costs betrayed him not, thanked me, drove around the corner and laughed me first broken. The road ran across a river and then stopped, but I saw a couple of people running out of a tramping path and coming towards them. They said that there was Guatemala. At that moment, an armed and appropriated Militäry approached us and asked what I was doing. I said I'm going to Guatemala. He said that the trouble could be, since I have no stamp -> that is. He would have left me, though. I showed him the magnificent stamp print and he said goodbye. The group from Guatemala, who wanted to be illegally over here (so sowas), he did not seem to want to let go, but I did not care.