BLOG EINTRAG #33 – Guatemala (Part1)

I was glad when I touched Guatemalan soil. In the last 9 months, I have just visited 3 countries, because they were so incredibly large, but Guatemala made the start of a series of rapid border crossings. The north of Guatemala proved to be very safe, the people were very friendly, always greeted and it was never a problem to find a safe sleeping place. Only the prices were surprisingly more expensive than in Mexico. As is the case for Guatemala, one drinks a lot of coffee here. For breakfast, dinner and also between, adults and children. Already with 1 ½ years. The breast of the mother is practically exchanged for the coffee cup. In the transitional phase probably coffee with milk (my theory), then black with lots of sugar. The weather was always 50/50, a day rain, a day sunshine. Fortunately, I had a perfect sunny day for my visit to the Mayan city of Tikal. So I had my second dream come true after Komodo in Indonesia and can now practically go home.