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BLOG EINTRAG #32 – Mexico (Part2)

A friend said "already 2 months in Mexico, you seem to please". This may be correct, but if you take a look at the atlas, it is noticeable that Mexico is bigger, as many people think. After Australia and the USA again a giant. My Crankset, as I expected, did not come in two days, I once again spent a week on hot coals in Guadalajara, but when I finally held it in my hands after a total of 40 days, I was able to sweep across the upland of Mexico. I thought. Two days later, the mantle of the rear tire ripped open. For the first time since the start of the tour it was worthwhile that I am on the road with 26 "tires because I found a new one in the next city without problems. After a long exchange of experience, the salesman (called Sankt Martin) even gave me the coat. Then he asked me if it was not expensive for you to travel. I looked at the tire and said "no". So I'm going on with a pretty monster of mountainbike tires from the Mexican brand "Hunter". The hunting season has opened. I was able to get a glimpse of the pyramids of Tula and Teotihuacan. The nights on + - 2500m true bitter cold, partly only 4 ° C. More Christmas feeling than in Germany, as I was told. Christmas was nice, there was a carnivorous dinner, in addition to 7 roasts even the salad with meat was strengthened. Strengthened, I reached the rather idyllic Gulf of Mexico before two days before New Year came to an absurd history. As so often, I looked for a place after sunset, saw in the village called C-25 a church and a person to the side of it. I parked my bike in the church garden with the experience that villages are safe and nothing happened with a church and ran around the church. The woman on the other side told me I should ask the mechanics, it should not be a problem to camp with them, as the first looked around the corner and greeted me. Unfortunately, the other three had just stolen my mobile phone from my handlebars, which I had left out of lightness. I asked angrily who had it - no one, of course. Suddenly everyone began to look on the ground. I gave them to understand that I was not stupid (just an assumption) and asked how many pesos they wanted, but they did as they did not understand what I was talking about. Relatively suddenly it was evening, I was still discussing and more people came. It was a tricky situation, because it was dark, I was alone and wondered if the guys who had just been playing my mobile phone with cold blood would be crass enough to take me completely apart. But I realized that when I leave here, my cell phone is gone forever. Slowly, however, all went away, from the offer to stay was of course no more speech, so I went to the directly opposite village shop. The family members of the owner were directly my friends, invited me to spend the night, I told the story and by walking kids knew 20 minutes later the whole village, who are the bad guys. A woman went over to you, the guys came out, of course did not talk to me, but again, alibishly, but completely ridiculously, with flashlights the church garden, partly in the hedge behind the wall, where I had never stopped. After even the mayor disappeared again in the house of thieves and returned without results, I changed my Facebook password to my hosts, blocked Whatsapp, Google, etc. and spent the night about 30 meters of air line away from my mobile phone and considered with which method I did it , But the next morning I had no reasonable solution ready. When I had found myself after the breakfast with the painful farewell, a woman came abruptly stormed into the house. She had my cell phone in my hand. It has been located in the church on the altar. The children applauded, I looked over to the grandmother and she looked at me grinning. She raised both arms and said, "Gracias, Dios." (Thank you, God). I would like to give her an absolute right, because apparently the doom was so badly troubled by his bad conscience that the mobile phone found its way back. Somehow I was grateful for the story, because then it was not safer and this last warning was necessary to make me wake up. On New Year's Eve I was able to beat a pinata and shortly afterwards I looked at the fascinating pyramids of Palenque. Here I wanted to tell a hotel owner that I had to pay a day extra because it was already 11 clock, when I wanted to go. "By chance," he had a machete in his hand. I imagined myself stupid, said "No entiendo" (I do not understand) and drove away quickly. After exactly two months I crossed the border in a small boat to Guatemala. This border crossing is also likely to be used by human smugglers who want to smuggle their customers, people from Central America, into the US via Mexico. More and more absurdities in the next entries. Continue reading!

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