BLOG EINTRAG #31 – Mexico (Part1)

"You're going to Mexico? Are you sure ?! "

A lesson I had learned in Eastern Europe, I was once again impressed with the case of USA-Mexico: Information about another country given to you by people who have never visited this country are NOTHING worth. They are neither right nor wrong, they are simply NOTHING worth. So if the sentence starts with "I heard that ...", you can put it directly in the trash. From left to the right ear. Even with this knowledge, it can happen, even if unintentionally, that the information on its escape hits the cerebral cortex. If this happens too frequently, something gets stuck. Generally known as Brainwash, one thinks after a certain time that it really is, although one knows exactly that it is not. As a countermeasure one can try to permanently establish the opposite, in order to return the input to "neutral".

This is, of course, the incomprehensible fear many Americans have of Mexico and want to express it. I don't know why so many wanted to express their fearbecause it was clear that no way leads around Mexico. So I finally just went over, over the border to Mexico. Just 2 days before the presidential elections of the United States of America. I would never have dreamed that I should be so radical and instead of a lot of senseless Facebook posts, howling and wrath smileys such an expressive, politically motivated protest action. It did not help. At least not the USA. Me already. I'm over the border!

Worldwide so far my experience was, that if there was a entrance temple, there must be an exit temple. That's why I was quite confused when I was just let go through without saying a sound. "That can not be," I thought, but now I was already over there. The queue of pedestrians from Mexico to USA was incredibly long, so I just ran through the car lane back to the USA ... from Mexico !!! Where were the helicopters from FOX News? An official had also taken his hand out of his pocket and put it on his machine gun, and said angrily: "What you're doing here, I could arrest you!" It reminded me of elementary schooling, where it was often said in the event of a dispute: "I can also tell it to my mama!" Even if he answered my question and neither arrested nor shot me, I can safely say that the USA has by far the most disturbed cops. The exit temple is not needed, thank you.

On the Mexican side, the computers of imigration did not work. After a nice farewell, a great welcome. So I went first as an illegal immigrant, until I was able to bring everything under the roof at the second imigration. Visa for 180 days, that could be enough.

On the first evening, I also wanted to prove that the fears about Mexico are unjustified, left the main road at sunset and ended in a village. Perhaps this was so close to the border, with my still extremely bad Spanish and on the first night not the best idea. At a harmless village, six policemen ensured security. After asking where I could sleep here best, a discussion with all 6 of the officials, they decided to take me and the bike, I can sleep at the guard. Special police service only for me, that was unimaginable the last half year (Australia and USA). On the guard arrived, we were joking directly, tacos and Mexican hotdogs were brought and to the coronation I was allowed to sleep in the women cell, since it was cleaner than the men cell. Mexico - finally something happening again!

Then it went about 1300 kilometers flat and with backwind southwards. Temperatures above 30 degrees in the shade, 0 shadows, sun every day, the sea though close, but still not in sight, instead lots of barrenness and cacti. The prices were not super cheap, but nevertheless much cheaper than in the USA. Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, salsa, jalapenos, guacamole, tequilla, etc. Fortunately Couchurfing still works here, unlike the USA and Australia, where Air BnB took over ... shame! It works here even better than ever before. And every contact has a lot of other contacts, so I could cycle from town to town quite relaxed and found always nice people and a place to sleep. The cities were consistently modern and had everything their heart desires, only the street quality within the city was most modest. If the distance between two cities was too big, Wildcamping was also well hidden between cacti no problem for me. But for air mattress and bicycle tire.

In Los Mochis, I stayed a little longer, I had to work effectively on my Spanish skills. In addition I was waiting for a package from Germany with bike parts. The Mexican Post is however incredibly slow, so I went on and will be sent the package with DHL, which should not take more than 2 days. Hopefully.

There was a remarkable night in La Cruz. About one, the many contacts, I could camp at a sea turtle rearing station. At night even the staff came to their shifting start and together we dug 53 freshly hatched sea turtle babies. I was allowed to sleep in the house on the beach and done from 131km in the heat, I turned off the light and dropped myself on the bed. A few minutes later I heard a scratching sound. From the one became more and more, so I turned on the light again. The sound source came directly from next to the bed. The staff had put the turtlebabies in a plastic basin next to the bed, who had now opened their eyes and tried in vain to run into the sea. Oh how cute! Sounds a bit mean at the beginning, but since normally on the way to the sea only the fewest are not seized by greedy birds, all 53 should be lucky. I was happy, too, and took good care of the little ones until the employees were back in the morning.

After the approx. 1300km flatland, I went up the mountain to the highlands of Mexico. This has been and continues to be exhausting and relatively cold, but is necessary to get to the east coast. This move is carried out for safety reasons, as well as a total of significantly less altitudes. Once the east coast is reached, it should also become much more exciting, with jungle, Maya ruins, andandand. Then also the photo finger should again wake up from his deep sleep. Until then.

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