BLOG EINTRAG #30 – USA (Part3)

For a good seven weeks, I have not heard of myself, which is bordering on an impertinence, for which I do not want to apologize. Apparently, we had a good time. Or I was just too lazy. This happens. Happened is anyway a lot, so get out with the language.

In San Francisco, we did the things we had to do (Lombard Street, Cabel Cars, Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown), and then, as announced, got access to the Facebook campus. Daniel, from my hometown of Gelnhausen, actually works for Facebook and could get us in. The system is relatively simple here: everything is done to have happy (-> motivated) employees, rather than going home, stay here and work because there is everything you need and do not need. Music room, bike workshop, refrigerators with the best drinks and snacks, playroom, caffees, various snacks, andandand. Even the sun was shining. The whole course free. Fortunately also for guests, so Robert and I filled the stomachs properly. Great menu card which Mark Zuckerberg has put together. #markymark #foodie

Then, however, we had to make a decision on how to proceed. This is not easy for me from time to time, but with two opinions it really sucks. For me and also for Robert. Fortunately, I showed more stamina in my thumbs wrestling game and the decision fell on L.A.. On the way we got into a bike race / charity ride. 1000 $ start fee. To show these snobs with their expensive road bikes and bike jerseys, what's the real deal, we pulled on with our 50 kilos of touring bikes on the mountain. As a small audacity, it turned out that we were able to compete seriously, we even left some behind us. Every 25 kilometers, meals were served with various high-class power drinks, power bars and vitamins. Cycling is truly easy like that. 120km with almost 1700 altimeters in only 5:20h with heavily loaded Touringbikes - completely crazy!

Coast is indeed in principle beautiful, but after nearly 2000km it is also sometimes boring, so we were glad to have arrived in Los Angeles. Here are the beautiful and rich at home. To 50% we could keep up, but we were not rich. Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Walk Of Fame, Hollywood Sign, what you have to do. But the real highlights were somewhere else. E.g. I showed my "Delicious Vinyl" -Hoodie, which I had since the beginning of the tour where his place of birth is, met an old friend again and as a highlight we were part of the CRANK-Mob, a herd of 500 ferocious cyclists, partly as Rave -Grannies dressed up in the streets of LA at night. Simply so, for fun.

The route between L.A. and Las Vegas is 100% boring. Fortunately, we had met Bill during the bicycle race, who had to go to Vegas with his huge van and take us with him. To get to it, we had to cross across L.A. and chose the route through Compton to sniff some ghetto air. But contrary to all rumors, one can also move safely here. At least during the day.

Within a few hours we had passed the border to Nevada and were in Las Vegas. This place is similar to bizarre as Dubai, but actually much more bizarre. Even if gambling and gameplay have a bad reputation or are bad because people lose their savings, the acceptance of tourists to burn their money here is extremely high. It is planned from the outset that it is not bad if you lose a few hundred dollars. Questionable. Our host Sheldon, showed us the benefits of Vegas'. We accepted all the lures such as all-you-can-eat for $ 3, $ 1 cocktails or free shows with 5 topless women. Then I sat down at the slot machine to get the real Las Vegas feeling. It was incredibly boring. Since the slotmachines do not have any real wheels anymore, it is only a screen that you can not influence, you have neither a chance nor fun because a programmed computer is behind it. After I had a whopping 4 $ and won $ 1.75, was the end for me. To be honest, I'm pretty proud to be out of the matter with just $ 2.25. Robert got it worse, but he don't want to talk about it. To this day, nightmares haunted him, and at the camp I often heard "all-in" whimpering from his tent. After all, Bill had left us tickets for Interbike, an international bike convention, so we could boast of something with our history and take all sorts of bike gadgets like the Rimfire bicycle LEDs, a Travel Pillow from Klymit, chain oil from Finishline, etcetc . Much more important was that there was free beer in the evening at some booths. The tried and tested tactics were, the more we drink, the more we save and thus practically get back the money we lost at the slot machine or poker table. I was quick, Robert had to struggle hard, but he also managed it. He believes at least. He can not remember exactly, but he is firmly convinced.

So freshly fortified, we left Las Vegas and visited the Hoover Dam. For the people who have played extensively GTA San Andreas: Make a California / Nevada tour! We went through all the levels with our bicycles -> Los Santos = Los Angeles (Compton=Ganton, Venice Beach = Verona Beach, Hollywood = Vinewood, San Fierro = San Francisco [Chinatown, Grantbridge, etc.], Las Venturas = Las Vegas [all kinds of casinos], Hoover Dam = Sherman Dam, Badlands = some small villages in Northern California and we also met  a confused old hippie like "The Truth"!

Next up was the Grand Canyon. Even if thousands of tourists stand on the edge, it is unbelievable! Then I really came to the point of wondering if it makes any sense here. It is soo huge and I am so small. On the world map it is only so small. And in our solar system the earth is only so small. And in the Milky Way our solar system is only so small. And the Milky Way is just one of many galaxies. And milk is white. I am also white. Confusion broke out in my head, my mid-lobe almost lifted, and I was about to jump into the depths, but then I thought of my wife, my children, and my budgerigar. Besides, I have to drive home again. Ultimately, I postponed the action. Maybe, next time.

We went with our noble horses to Indian area, more precisely to the Navajo reserve in Arizona. As I expected, the true Americans are very nice people, so we were invited two times in a row. Discussions about these evicted gentrifiers also remained unanswered. Instead, I played with the little Graytona basketball at the most idyllic court of all time, and for Robert, a childhood dream came true: the Monument Valley that he'd hung on his wall as a poster since the earliest days, now he was there. It looked exactly as you know it from all the Indian films and much better. However, the plants in this dry landscape know how to defend well, almost every one here has innumerable spines. So I had 2 flats simultaneously with a total of 5 holes. In the meantime no problem, the tires were patched and went on the wild ride. After 40 kilometers the shift lever suddenly broke. A two-hour emergency operation did not work, so we had to go to the next big city called Flagstaff hitchhiken, which worked well thanks to Sharon and George. There we could find the shift lever and installed it and were invited by the employees of the neighboring Pizzicletta (= Pizza + Bicicleta) for pizza and beer, and we could stay with them. About Prescott, where we spent another two days at Sharon and George, we drove to Phoenix. It is very important to note that Robert, who started in Vancouver, Canada, has traveled far over 4000km without any flat, on the penultimate day could also experience how it feels when the air leaves the tire. I celebrated extensively, he could not share my joy. Still, we headed up to Phoenix, the conclusion of the chapter Robert & Dennis. Final sprint was here again 4 days circulating around the beer tap and as the final highlight we watched a NBA (Preseason) game of the Phoenix Suns against the Dallas Mavericks with the legendary Dirk Nowitzki. Then Robert went back home. In the end you noticed that the air was out, on both sides. One must not forget that one is traveling together for 24 hours a day and gets every quirk, which probably every man has, which one at the beginning easily puts away or even finds it funny, but after almost 3 months is however strenuous. I think we need a relationship pause. Nevertheless, we had countless great moments till the end and these are the ones that will eventually be remembered. I think the pictures can underline this.

After he left I drove the next 200km to Tucson, suspiciously close to the Mexican border. Partially, I was a bit confused as I expressed my thoughts, even though there was no one who could give the hearing. I have to get used to it again. Where could one do that best? Certainly not in New York. New York? Even if I now really want to push the gas and to get ahead again, after the last month much was much zigzagging and forced time wasting due to Roberts and also my departure time, I must first go to New York. Sounds again like a shame, it also is. But, if I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere. There I have something to do. Where the Brooklyn at ?! Where the Brooklyn at ?!

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Los Angeles
Las Vegas
Grand Canyon
Monument Valley
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