BLOG EINTRAG #29 – USA (Part2)

After an eventful weekend in a (punk) -Kommune in Portland we went towards the Pacific. When leaving the city we drove past the training hall of the Portland Trail Blazers to tell my Bro Damian and the rest of the team say "Hello". The fact that the hall is not publicly available, it was clear, but all negotiating techniques I had learned in the last year, not covered with the porter. Memories of my coup attempt at the Sultan's Palace in Oman were awake and we had to go on.

However, after we had reached the Pacific we were in high spirits again. While the Oregon Coast is very hilly, but we had permanently tailwind and much more important than this is the fact that there are in very regular intervals breweries producing craft beer. At least we thought that this was an advantage. For now. We bought for $ 3 a Growler (glass mug 1.89 liter) and wanted him at every brewery can fill - to Los Angeles. After we found out after a few Breweries that the price is for a filling 10 to 20 dollars and will therefore eventually lead to exorbitant spending, we exchanged the Growler in Six River Brewery against two free beer. To get the money back we bought for $ 1 a McDonalds cup (the Growler of low-budget Travelers) and fill it always at any branch of the fast food chain. This is illegal, but since we are OGs we can provide. We save $ 2 per McDonalds, that if we continue, we will end up with a plus out. I must calculate again, but knowing myself, it will have been right.

Before we had provided us, we were already arrived at a sign that said, "California". We assumed that they were California and began to sing and dance, because here there is a lot to experience.

It started with the redwoods, in German "Mammutbäume", a plant from the one already hears at a young age and you can not believe that something like this should actually exist. The biology teacher had not lied, they are surprisingly high, partly over 100m. In some parts of the woods, we got the feeling that we have arrived on the forest moon of Endor and soon welcomed us a bunch of Ewoks. For now, we did not see any, but we felt motivated a small tribute to Star Wars to create us cinematically. During the shooting, which took place a little further inside the forest we suddenly heard unusual noises that sounded like the cries of a larger mammal. Then jerked again a head behind a tree trunk in front and back. As we approached, armed with knives and sticks, we saw a male person with long hair, beard and pale face, who hid behind a bush and us stared expressionless. We have no idea what he is doing, who he is, why, how, when, where ... but something creepy it was. For us it was an extraordinary and unforgettable moment, however, for him even when he saw earlier how I dressed in pink-orange shirt and colorful striped socks on a 3-meter-high illuminated by sunlight stump serving as a laser sword pink swimming noodle pulled out of the wood and fictitious laser shots deflected the shot Robert from his eyes. George Lucas has already called, he found the material really hot and we are please to give him for a casting, the contact information of the woodsman. Maybe the guy was just a junky who lives in the forest, because here in Northern California, the rate of methamphetamine addicts is extremely high. In many cities and towns, we thought that we are just at the shooting of a zombie film here. A little further south is the so-called "Emerald Triangle," a region that climatically very suitable for the cultivation of cannabis plants, which is operated here since the '60s on many plots. Mainly illegal, with the laws in the state of California seem slow to loosen.

We had long to live a Connection option in Oakland (near San Francisco) a weekend in an apartment when we feed the cat. However, we were going too fast and had no idea what we should now do with the time. As luck would have it, we met someone (Mister X), the evening with his car offered us a ride through a hilly damn piece. It turned out that it has a cannabis farm and could very acute use some help. Since we are very helpful lads, we offered to support him and one day later we were already in the middle: a large green house, full of wonderful hemp plants. Dried plants depend on "mature" plant crops, bring in the drying room, installing new plants dried plants already trim. Sounds very simple, but is hard work, because it was several hundred plants that had to be treated carefully. Sometimes we hustled more than 10 hours per day. Now I have to ask whether it is considered as undeclared work when executing an activity that must not be performed legally. But actually it does not matter because we were not paid anyway. I think. Somehow there were suddenly few Benjamins. The we have plugged in and are quickly gone. Thus we had our wait time successfully bridged and get super exciting and interesting insights into the agriculture. Even though I know that marijuana is not the right drug for me, I have to clear to take this opportunity for legalization, or denounce the ban, because ultimately, these are the flower of a plant, which is heated. More natural it hardly goes. When you compare that with the action and complex production of alcohol  that legislation forces you to shake your head.

Enough of political talk, we have arrived in the Bay Area! On the evening of our arrival we were sleeping by the breach of a barrier on a mountain directly at the Golden Gate Bridge with a perfect view of the fog-free bridge and San Francisco. Robert called this place officially, as the best place to sleep, where he was allowed to stay in his 30 years. After a weekend Housesitting in Oakland, we return to San Francisco, where we will start the coup Marc Zuckerberg. How it then goes on we do not know, Robert and I are planning to go on together, but we have different preferences regarding the places we want to visit. Perhaps we will force a decision in a bare knuckle fight. Insets are yet to be submitted by tomorrow. Online or bar in the betting shop. The odds can be found here under "Statistics". See you.

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