After the last weekend was spent in Sydney, so my time was finished on the continent of Australia and the great flight could begin. After Seattle there are no direct flights, most flying over Hawaii, the best way therefore to visit this island, which is so far away from home and so damn expensive. On 18 July afternoon in the plane, through the night and on July 18 morning landed. I'm still confused, but true.

In Honolulu arrived, I saw near the airport initially countless homeless and a few kilometers further on prestigious but perfectly touristisierten Waikiki Beach countless Wealthy, who could afford this hotel room there. The rich and poor scissors here forms an obtuse angle. Fortunately, I received at the last moment a commitment to Warmshowers and could stay on the other side of the island with a family. Even better, there were holidays and half of the Barnes family was not at home, only the father, Shane and his 14 year old son Tad were there and why they invited me, all week to stay there. While Shane had to work, I was able to take the second-car and out with Tad the island, all in vain. A 6 in the lottery! The bike I had the whole week in the garage and did not touch it at. Instead, we went surfing, rock climbing, cliff jumping, snorkeling, kayaking, watched TV and drank beer Hawaiian, made BBQ and celebrated my birthday. It was the vacation from your vacation, what sounds like a pretty arrogant impudence, but other long-term touring cyclists will eventually understand that doing something damn good time.

After this totally relaxed week we went to the second part of the Pacific crossing to Seattle, where I was taken from my former roommate from Berlin, Robert, 30 in reception. After we had completed our preparations, Seattle had visited with his Space Needle and the great-Starbucks and had legally stocked up with some cannabis, it could go, out into nature!

In the very first night we had problems to find shelter. We asked several people in a village, but it was nowhere to welcome tents, no one wanted to offer us his lawn and we were repeatedly warned of the controlling police. With thoughts of India or Indonesia, we therefore went straight to the police station and asked for help there. The door was open, but which was not intentional and I was directed in the face with flashlight out requested (-worfen) to continue talking at the door. As expected, we were not invited to stay, but we should at this a National Park, a few miles further to drive. Once there, told the ranger there present that this is not allowed, but pointed out to us that when he's out, until the morning no one will check and actually we therefore can camp there as long as we all left clean. However, we should wait the few minutes outside. So waited Robert and I in the branch outside the barrier, ate in the dark at night and opened a can of beer. Exactly 7.3 seconds after the Ranger out drove a car drove into the branch and lights with its headlights on us. It was the sheriff. As you know it from any films, he was looking for a reason to pure push us. What we do here, the park is closed at night, blah. You have there beer! That's Public Drinking (here in the woods)! How much have you been drinking today, but you have to fork out actually, grabs now together and disappear. Fortunately, he then got a call that must have been important seemingly insignificant than send away us there. So he warned us that if we have not gone in 30 minutes, he will arrest us and disappeared in the dark, while we crept into the park and thanked them internally for this nice welcome. In the following days, where it went through the natural environment, we asked people no longer at the roost search but wildcampten just like that.

High to fascinating Tipsoo Lake at 1615 meters and back down to camp on a fabulous river. There we consumed our Seattle acquired Strawberry Mango Haze. As a beginner who has never done in 26 years (I know how damn uncool I am), I must say that it is on a bike trip during the day not a good idea. Only at 14.00 we could start, after 15 kilometers, we were in a meadow and slept 2 hours and then managed somehow still 25 km. After we had climbed a day later at 10 degrees in the continuous rain the next pass, we were clean again. So clean that we again find the next day tried people who might let us camp in their garden. It worked this time right away and we were able to camp at Rex near Battle Ground. A real Americans, just as one imagines it. He proudly presented us his collection of arms and invited us something rumzuballern. I as a conscientious objector and Robert as a semi-pacifist, had extraordinary fun to shoot from his balcony with the sniper rifle on cans. We will advise you again, but maybe we should but buy your own gun or $ 14.99 at Walmart. Cultural! Once in Portland, we arrived at in a punk-community and spent an extremely beery weekend. Fully deal, because with over 100 breweries, one must Portland probably called Beer Mecca. Therefore, we will circumnavigate, any brewery still seven times counterclockwise, and then it goes on to the coast and to San Francisco, where we will try to take the Facebook Headquarters. Postet your food and share cat videos so long you still can! See you!

Seattle to Portland
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