Gelnhausen to Sydney, that were 387 days, 20 countries, 21.800 km. Much more important than these crazy numbers, however, is the "1". This one decision that I made in early May 2015 let the wheel rolling. "The World is yours", "YOLO", "Life is a book ..." all these sayings that you can always find in the social media, suddenly they all made sense. Simply let everything behind you and leave. Be free.
Though I was far from certain whether it is possible to do this, because my left knee actually allowed sports no more than two times per week, so how should I manage a day cycling up to five hours? Common sense might have said, make a test tour. It would probably have also said, stay home and get decent job. And this common sense is also at home in a small town like my hometown, so I decided to tell hardly anyone about my plans. Who wants to be declared crazy by heaps of people? Without a test tour and farewell party and without ever ridden one meter on a fully loaded touring bike, my secret escape succeeded on June 24th 2015 by point 3 p.m.. You can not call it excitement, when you arrive in the next village after half an hour. Nevertheless, 65km on the first day made me proud as a king. And on the third day my fears became reality: my knee made such problems that I could barely walk. Two day break, a few prayers, and the wild ride continued. With increasing temperatures, there were fewer and fewer problems, I left Germany and made it to the first long-term goal, Vienna, to visit a friend from the old days. There I spread the news on Facebook and my website: Hey guys, I'll cycle around the world! This was followed by Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria, where I reached the Black Sea. Isn't it crazy? Until the Black Sea by bicycle? Then I checked the map again and realized it is about nothing. Next up, Turkey and Istanbul. The crossing to Asia was denied by three policemen who would not let me on the highway bridge and who stuck me unceremoniously in a bus. A small detour through Cappadocia and back to the north in order to apply for my visa for Iran. And if the PKK and the Turkish military would not have had heavy battles, I would have invaded Iran directly. So I drove an alternate route and fortunately did not miss Georgia and the beautiful Armenia, one of the biggest surprises of the tour, because I would have never expected to choose this path. Iran, on which I will always be questioned, was not a problem at all, however, it created the most incredible stories. In fact, you will find an unimaginable and incomparable hospitality that is in absolute counter spell to the bad international reputation of the country. The ferry went to the United Arab Emirates where I continued to Oman, another pearl of this world, in which my attempt to sneak into the palace of the Sultan failed narrowly. When I turned the globe in my navigation app, I saw now a serious curve between Germany and the Sultanate of Oman. I found out that I had traveled a huge distance. The first and so far longest flight of the tour took me to Nepal, another country that never occurred in any planning. Hinduism, Buddhism, pure magic! The trick was that I could apply for the visa for India and at the same time apply for Myanmar visa in the capital Kathmandu. From the east of India, with much curry, but also partly a few comic contemporaries, I crossed the border to Myanmar with a special permit and partially saw touristic completely unspoiled villages. At Christmas I could find a church in this country where the Buddhism is ubiquitous. The hitherto only serious indigestion levered myself physically, but especially mentaly, so from that I just wanted to reach Thailand and Bangkok to go nuts in this party country. There and especially on the beautiful islands in the south of the country partying worked out so good that my heart bled when I had to move towards Malaysia due to my limited visa. After a short stay there, I took a ferry to Indonesia, where there were daily invitations to stay. Sumatra (Java), Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Rote, West Timor were the names of the islands that I conquered. In the eastern part of Timor you will find Timor-Leste, an independent country, which hardly anybody knows. Smoked Python and flying fox with rice, just one of many crazy things in this wonderfully adventurous country. Australia, first was a cultural shock and after all these breathtaking countries (almost) a bit boring. Painfully I found out that it is a continent, not an island. The distances were too huge, but at least this problem boosted the anticipation to reach Sydney. And that's where I am now, zipping on a glass of champagne. Just one, not more, because it is still a long way to go. Probably this was the first half. The half time I will spent on Hawaii because the stopover option is cheaper than to fly directly to the mainland of the United States, what a drama.
For the US I want to announce that my former roommate from Berlin days, I call him "Robbert", is down to cycle down the West Coast with me. For Central and South America I will again be a lonely warrior, unless somebody wants to accompany me. I would be happy about that. A small three-page letter of motivation should acceptable :P
The second season begins on July 26 in Seattle, then with one more year at the age scale, but with an absolutely unforgettable. Till then, enjoy the summer, greetings from the freezing Sydney!
June 2015 - 11 days - 599 km
July 2015 - 5 days - 353 km
July 2015 - 1 day - 86 km
July 2015 - 7 days - 443 km
July 2015 - 7 days - 473 km
July 2015 - 11 days - 802 km
August/September 2015 - 40 days - 1553 km
September 2015 - 6 days - 493 km
September 2015 - 9 days - 564 km
Oktober 2015 - 28 days - 812 km
United Arab Emirates
November 2015 - 12 days - 178 km
November 2015 - 9 days - 495 km
November 2015 - 13 days - 480 km
December 2015 - 17 days - 1190 km
Dec. 2015/Jan. 2016 - 21 days - 1631 km
January 2016 - 28 days - 1536 km
February 2016 - 13 days - 727 km
Feb./Mar./April 2016 - 56 days - 3424 km
April 2016 - 19 days - 771 km
May/June/July 2016 - 78 days - 5232 km
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