Overcome culture shock, crosses the Outback, reached the East Coast, suuupiii. As announced I wanted to attach the bottle and has also worked well. Pants Down Party in the Asylum Hostel in Party City Cairns! Even though the title of the party sounds perverse than it was, people were there at my age, I had fun, danced, and led communications. That I was able to experience the after Höllentrip from Darwin to Cairns yet ... After only three brain cell-destroying nights I had already on, but with a well-flushed liver, it can be much more relaxed ride. South of Cairns you can take some high lights not far from the path. E.g. the Josephine Falls, a natural slide, pools and swings consisting of lianas, which I did not let my title as king slip slimming course. Even the Mission Beach is a real Must-Do, rumors of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, but which is so hard as a board that you can not pocketed with a 45-kilo Touringbike. The adjacent rainforest cassowary is native, a large flightless bird with blue head, which has such strong feet that he could through slots on a good day a man with his claws throat. I, who, as the reader already knows, is regarded as the successor Steve Irwin, of course went on a search and snuck through the dense branches. I also pulled my helmet on, to be more precise the Cassowary take the cassowary, the shyness, but I was unsuccessful. Why? I just did not have enough time and had to move on. The route to Sydney too far that time still scarce. As I described the flexibility to travel as absolute Gönnung in Blog # 23, it now looked quite different. No idea which idiot had planned, but I had now daily Big Numbers bring at the speedometer to stay on schedule. Only that I have a schedule ... terrible. As such, it must be delivered no problem Big Numbers, but we had stopped talking. This wind and I. 55 km / h Pacific breeze in the nose and that the gaaaaanzen day. It called for significantly more breaks, cost 40% more power and swiped at the same 40% of my speed. Not until sunset he allowed to, so the overtime was even the most relaxed.

In addition there was south of Townsville no serious Highlights more. Mental again it was a small five-day flashback in the hard time between Darwin and Cairns. But at least there was on the way Numerous free campsites where you could have a nice chat with other travelers, holidaymakers or (mainly German) Work & Travellern evening always. So even at a gas station with truck stop, where I fell into conversation with Pat. He offered to take me the next morning with his truck 330km. From Darwin to cheat up here with and begin muscle strength now? Indeed! Finally, I had the last post itself noted from time to time to let his pride at home. In just three hours he could spare me thus three brutal days and suddenly I was back the happiest person, because the screws of the timetable were so so relaxed that I could put my feet seriously.

It got even better, in a village of only pub PayTV so I could complete the Game 6 of the NBA Finals had broadcast. Who cares about this football championship. I was for the Cavs, an old Aboriginal woman with gray mini Afro was for the Warriors. She claimed that they already know the outcome. It was a live broadcast. Native, necromancy, divination, oracle, huuhuu, ... I did not know the outcome, it was supposed to be exciting. Three beers later I called "Game 7, woohoo!", Was somewhat blankly looked at from the other etching that at midday drinking beer sat there at the counter, and drove on.

I reached the Sunshine Coast! It rained. LOL. Per Warmshowers it went step by step toward the south. During the day partly below 20 ° C, at night even below 10 ° C. In Brisbane, I celebrated the one-year anniversary tour. Coke, hookers and Champagne! Standard for a Lowbudgettraveler. Still, it was apparently a little too much of the good, because subsequently I had an extraordinary dream: I walked on the beach of Gold Coast along, went to the airport and flew to Sydney. There I went to the US Consulate and gave a 60-second interview, after which stated that I am not a terrorist, but a harmless Bike Packer and I wanted to exhibit the visa. Then I flew back.

What I dream of is to say, I do not know exactly, but somehow suddenly lacked about 230 € in my account. I'll look into it!

Eventually I went to Byron Bay, the surfer mecca of Australia. By far the most relaxed town on my current trip across the continent. Even better, I met Willi, a holiday acquaintance from Thailand again, that the most relaxed town even the best people have been added. Beach, sun, surfing, fishing, beer, Feet Up, top notch! Six days flown and then bodyslamte me to look at the calendar back to the earth. The plane takes off in Sydney on July 18. Hurtig, nimbly southbound !!!

Josephine Falls
Gold Coast
Byron Bay
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