Culture shock !!! Where were the children? Where were the people on the street? Cars are lifeless machines, anonymously and without access, passing fast and recklessly close to you. What are these fences? What are these countless prohibition signs? Keep out! No turnLeft! No entrance! No camping! Nokia! And why nobody greets here? No one is interested in you. Why is no one smiles? Well, because of the lack of eye contact, if one only pays attention to yourself! Is the plane already on the way back? ... Crap.

Welcome to the Western world in the far east on the map. Actually, I should know something yes, but apparently my view of things has changed. That's always the question that people ask me: "you Has the tour been changed?" Damn, yes, it's done!

Okay, roads in grade Babypopo have something for themselves. A fat supermarket with infinite choice is not wrong. But why must it here in Australia all be so expensive? Ne bottle of beer at the supermarket converted € 2? That must be damn good stuff! Where are actually the whole fake clothes from China? Hey, a free Wifi ... ever a Wifi, not bad! So you can so some organizational stuff that accumulates times now while traveling do. And there are shoes in my size to buy, Hammer!

Yes, this Western world has its advantages and its disadvantages, to hold it briefly went. However, Darwin can not, therefore quickly get out of here. But where do I really want? Probably still further east. Why did I have, however, depart from Darwin about 2400km up to the east coast, I could not say in front of it, while not and in hindsight not more. Due to the challenge? No, I do that here for FUN! Because of the landscape? Actually I thought in advance that there is nothing to see. I think it was more the pride which wanted the picture that I've painted on the world map, liquid flow on to Sydney. Tip to all Touringcyclists out there: Let your pride times better at home. And do not take this Savanna Way and certainly not from west to east and not alone.

We go there once chronologically through: The first 500km went on the Stuart Highway direction South (-Osten). These road trains, 53m long trucks were new to me, generate a good wake, where one still has a tailwind with 300m distance, or if one comes from the opposite direction, you will be completely thwarted. Kangaroos were also seen, however, to 95% in the elemental state "Roadkill". And it stinks! I can not remember ever having seen a nastier smell than this.

When Roahouse "Daly Waters" we went eastwards. Prairie Creates, termite mounds, slight headwind, Baked Beans. Every day. Every damn day. At this point a fantastic excerpt from my travel diary: "Day 336 - nothing happens." Although the small settlements had small supermarkets, but with little choice and extremly expensive. From Roadhouses I need not even bother talking about AU $ 6 (€ 4) for shabby toast? The dream of every low-budget Travellers. And each finger curvature is monetized. Whether I can only briefly to shower at a campsite, although I do not spend the night there? Sure, no problem $ 5. For sure! From the public restroom, locked up and showered with water bag in his hand for nothing. The road changed from asphalt to gravel road, some with extreme corrugated iron and / or deep sand. It was mostly about 100km from a village or Roadhouse until the next, the longest stretch was even 400km. In between, there was nothing. It was first in getting enough water there to have, even if it will removed from the river had. Crocodile funk flavor, delicious! Morning up, clumsy strike the tent, kicking, fighting against the wind, eat and sleep, every day the same game. Dinner in the tent I had actually always just my return to Germany in the head, family and friends, all united in one day in the courtyard in front of my parents' house, from which I set off in June, 2015. But I knew that there is no way here and breaks fortiori not bring, because they no longer kill me. So I drove just kept on and on. I thought of earlier, get up early in the morning and go to work, to which one has bothered. Were I not escape this? Unfortunately, there was not even a weekend when you have runterspühlen his hatred with beer and schnapps can. So it went on simply creating more. Yes my mood was not the best and it was to remain difficult positively.

Tents I could anywhere, nothing and no one to complain was indeed can. In the two Aboriginal communities, where I passed, people were probably a bit surprised by my behavior. I just went to the sports ground, have been watching the rugby and went to the basketball court and have the guys made a few casts. They were kind to me and were curious about what I'm doing here with my bicycle. So an openness of a strange white man? And the next Roadhouse you will then warned by the owner who is also very friendly "tents because not close, which is an aboriginal village." A theme that makes a break and I will not go into further here.

The wind was daytime increasingly, but with sunset he had suddenly disappeared, so I drove up in the dark even further, to move forward. Given every day baked beans and toast bread. The kangaroos could now more and more observed when jumping and the sunsets were theoretically the madness, but it lacked the magic. The lost, if you know the history of the country, and I know that in the next village the next Redneck sitting, greets you with "Hey mate, how you're doing?", Recommends you with incomprehension for the bike ride, the bike sell and buy a cheap car and then adopted a "Cheers buddy".

As mentioned, there were few highlights, so every little encouragement was the biggest sensation. Here times been given a banana, there times Chicken & Rice yesterday, then a cool glass of fruit juice. I met an Aussie Päärchen who have a German wanted to get rid of the German ketchup and the German red cabbage, which give them a friend had brought from Germany, but they did not know to be respected. So I sat there in the outback, ate my red cabbage and there was a slight touch of Christmas in the air. Oldy Peter The Traveller, 77 from Germany fed me then also again by and in the most boring part of the track at all, I met Ben aka. Ferris Gump, a madman trying to jog the entire distance charity moderately with his stock car. I had to apologize several times that I could not motivate him with my fact description, but he was still in good shape. Still.

All the frustration was shaken off within a day. It started with a waterfall. The Millstream Falls. It was just beautiful to look at. That was it all, but there was something just not the last 3 weeks. In the next village, called Ravenshoe I went spontaneously in an auto repair city and asked if she there also offer welding, since the cycle stand was broken (consequential damages from the crash on Bali) and I always had to wait for road signs until I could lean on the bike. An elderly man named Neoil took a 20 minute time, helped me when unscrewing and sat targeted weld. The bike is steadfast again! He asked the boss what she wants. Nothing. "Our business are cars, no bike racks." I wanted to leave 5 $ tip because it necessarily, but he denied vehemently. The typical game up, but I did not think that I find people in Australia who play. When I camped in the evening directly to another waterfall was the mood very high up. Other three beautiful waterfalls tomorrow and then a huge, cheap supermarket. Let's call a spade a spade, it was a Woolworth, the Australia traveler knows why. It was the most supermarket shopping my life! hellishly overpriced Three weeks and no choice and now this. I ran each row on an individual, when I had done so I made the whole two more times.

How could we further drive the mood up? Alcohol consumption, correct! According to my statistics I drank 6.96 liters of beer in the last 71 days, which is less than 0.1 liters daily average yields. In Australia, so the last MONTH yet not a drop. Therefore, perhaps this unstructured blog post, with confusing lines that I myself do not understand. Acute Unterhopfung has therefore used and could soon become a chronic, if I'm not careful. I may have health insurance, but you have not create it. Luckily, I am immediately prior Cairns and Australia travelers know what that means. Hop Hop, ninn in de Kopp! See you.

Apfelrotkohl und der gute Hela Gewürz Curry Ketchup
Nachbildung des längsten jemals erlegten Kroks, 8,63m->
Millaa Millaa Falls