People have guessed it, the plane landed on Bali. Not the worst spot, to look at the visa extension, but it had to be. It is a story that would fill several pages, so in short I sent countless times by an employee of the "Imigrasi" to the next, each telling something else, I filled three times the form 23 from, ran four times for Copy Shop, the computer ate my SD card and I had a form completely in English and Indonesian abtippen use my own laptop, since they had only one copy there. About three hours I had Asterix and Obelix in the eyes as they run through the madhouse and thought to myself: do not worry guys, I am with you! To pay and in the camera grin + pick up the pass, I had more depart twice the path of about 20km (one way). That 130km of new 30 days, but! exactly used the first 30 days to the day, have to pay any penalty and without a return ticket to own (always in demand) get the extension.

From Bali itself I've noticed not so much, too busy I was with organizational stuff, visa, website, airplane tickets, and defective equipment. Fortunately, works and lives Amandine, a former roommate of Namibian times currently in Bali, that I could set up my business plan with her and scour with her and her friends Balinese beer portfolio. An unusual finding, but I could make was that the locals were very friendly, despite the big city and the large number of tourists. Until then unique!

As the stamp in the passport was could continue. However, the volume of traffic in the south of Bali is indeed increased, compared with other large cities rather relaxed. Nevertheless happen permanently accidents, there are almost always scooter riders and always it is carelessness. Saturday morning, the sun is high, not a cloud in the sky, perfect view, one can not overlook me, dual carriageway in one direction, a large gap, I can slowly pull over to the right turn, the next scooters are still away at least 100m. 5 - pass for 6 seconds, I'm ready to whistle a happy tune, suddenly I hear a loud bang. Again I asked the Flyness prove because I flew in a high arc from my bike and found myself on the floor of the facts again. Unbraked is a true ne'er-frontal, or "tail" -tal almost recktal purely crashed into me. Although I always try to look for the error with me when something is not working as it should, but here it falls really hard for me. I lay there briefly, waiting for pain and looked for broken bones, found none, stood up, cap and sunglasses were it remained, after all flown with swag on the mouth! I had bruises and abrasions, the fender suffered a complicated (twice) Splitterbruch, the stand suffered a broken foot, and the taillight suffered a broken cable (possibly only contusion) and Porter suffers since at an inclined position. Before I could call the police, begang the type of hit and run, but that's okay, because you, the police in Indonesia anyway should only call if you can not. So only if you are seriously injured or even dead. In my case, I could have asked for money or the Rupias can get beat from the types as an alternative. one power here like this. But the guy was gone, and with it also my 30,000 Rupias which I left as a tip for the repair in a small low-bike shop. Cable ties and rubber bands, it works. Taillight ... maybe someday again, for now we will switch to battery power.

The next day I started the next trial, came once more on the mound, and it was confirmed that the type was a philistine high ten. A completely harmless turn ... theoretically. Now it was Step by Step or by Ferry Ferry eastwards. On Lombok, the traffic was also not relaxed so quickly and to the next island. On Sumbawa there was for the first time since West Sumatra alone! A few also few cows sight the leisurely, destroy the green, good roads, many fields, a few mountains, but. And even if there is not much to see, there is always something to do. So I invited a teacher to stay with his family and the next morning to get to school, to visit his English class. There he introduced me briefly and then simply left the room. They wanted to pierce me with questions and shooting selfies, but I made my students very quickly realized that with me another wind blows. I missed every one five for disobedience, distributed homework for the rest of the week and to underscore what a tough guy I am, I gave myself Hitzefrei. Unfortunately, the teacher was a bike fan, so I had my day of rest still pedaling ... very relaxed 40km. From Sumbawa we took the next ferry to Flores. There I met Amandine and her boyfriend Sam again to break a two-day epic tour. It's probably 10 to 15 years ago that I first saw a documentary about the Komodo dragon, but then I knew directly, this cattle you have once in your life and live right before your eyes have. It struck me at the time but on that Komodo is damn far away and you need at least 3 flights to get there. Now however, I was there and could fulfill a childhood dream. With 9 passengers and 3 crew members went in a small boat towards National Park.

On the first day, the focus was below the sea: Snorkling. In shallow water definitely again a top-up compared to the Tour on Koh Phi Phi in Thailand. But the firecrackers waiting in slightly deeper water: As if from nowhere suddenly appeared about 15 up to 4 meters large manta rays, appeared among us by and performed an elegant dance by revolved together as in a spiral. I often wonder where nature hernimmt their creativity, but with the Manta Rays she had a very interesting idea. When the spectacle was over and I looked out of the boat, Amandine clung anxiously at the railing. She had seen a thick, at least two-meter shark, directly at me and Sam. I think he also the spectacle itself did not want to miss. Evening there was to admire some huge flying foxes before was asleep on the boat. This provides an economical and is also the most adventurous ... well, not really, but more on that later.

The next morning, the moment had come: Komodo Iceland. For Ranger Station and pay: National Park Fee, Ranger Fee, Hiking Fee, sightseeing Fee, Nature Fee, Photo Fairy, Blue Sky Fairy, Green Grass Fairy, Fresh Air Fairy, Your Mudder Fee. We started and after a few minutes there was to discover a rare highlight: a Komodo dragon baby. Actually, they live on the tree and come only seltenst down. Contrasting definitely smartly dressed. A few minutes later, it quickly old in the bushes, and there he was. An adult Komodo dragon, about three feet long. He walked right up to us and darted to search for prey. My instinct was aroused and I was ready to tear him with a skillful throat bite. But you held me back, eventually the species is classified as vulnerable. Has he been lucky again. Instead, we became friends and shot together a few photos. I will miss him, but we'll meet known always twice in a lifetime. At the ranger station then chillten a handful of these powerful animals, the same image on the neighboring island Rinca again. Supposedly they are not fed, well, who knows. To keep it short, the tour was amazing and for more information about the Komodo Dragon please consult Wikipedia.

It went further east. Although Flores has some attractions, unfortunately there are no straight lines. Either it was brutal uphill or downhill brutal. Effort for buttocks and brake shoes. 4200 meters of altitude in 230km, too much of the good. Before the city Aimere it went down a mountain in which I did not have nearly 30 km struggle, but simply could be just roll. On the other hand I would have this again had to 30km high, to go to the extreme east of Flores, but I was at the end. The ferry from Aimere to Timor goes only once a week, every Saturday, it's Friday afternoon, it belongs to me and the East of Flores is officially out! The next morning the passengers brought everything to the ferry: rice, bananas, gasoline, chickens and even a slightly manic horse was on board. The trip took 20 hours, and led across the Savu Sea. During the day quietly at the ferry began to fluctuate at night. I lay down next to a truck as it top of the first and second floor awful crowded and the air was accordingly disastrous. As a little baby in the cradle I slept there on my air mattress and rocked by the waves gently back and forth. I dream like I do with ice cold Bintang Beer under palm trees lying on the beach with a Komodo dragon and just as we want to trigger, I was torn suddenly and rudely from sleep. A wave had made it over the rail and fully on top of me. I quickly fled under the truck, who caught the next wave for me. The truck has now also increasingly rocked back and forth, the axis knarte and to my right I could not now observe excited horse as it abbekam a wave after the next. This was a truly adventurous night on the boat! However, the water was now sideways under the truck and I fled again. Further back, I found a wonderful place, directly at the Reggae Hitler Truck.

Salvation arrived in Kupang I wondered at 4am, I can now do with the time saved. I looked on my Offline Maps, researched something on the Internet and looked at the Ferry Schedule. Spontaneously I decided a small lap of honor on Red Iceland to rotate, the ferry was namely already three hours later. Note that for convenience: flexibility when traveling is something that you should indulge in any case!

The Tour on Red was almost a little absurd and the absurd was the guy on the bike. I drove in the southern part through tiny villages on poor roads, even by a river, but with wonderful views. Many of the kids had never seen a white man here and were frightened and confused, but curious and amused. In the village where I stayed, there were two people who spoke English and acted as interpreter. None of them had ever here a tourist seen. Probably you will be talking about for a long time by the great whites on the bike. And I'm far from the big white beach have in mind, Nemberala Beach, in the west of the island. Hardly anyone there at this near-perfect beach. It was too good to enjoy this moment alone, so I moved rather from and back to Timor quickly before I was seriously sad. Instead, I look forward. It is in one of the youngest countries in the world, Timor-Leste, which gained its independence only of 2002. As me with the bicycle world tour shot the idea in my head and I rumkritzelte restarted on a world map, I thought to myself: how crass it would be if you could pull it through completely to East Timor. ... When dreams become reality ...

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