BLOG EINTRAG #22 - INDONESIEN (Part 1: Sumatra & Java)

During the loading of the ferry was still treated relatively neatly on the Malaysian side, the bags were just fired on the Indonesian side on the web. How mad ants on a juicy gummy, everyone tried to grab in order to subsequently pass the passport control with pushing and shoving his belongings. I also did this, but rather in the style of a cross by a guava dwarf sloth. The Visa on arrival, had to be paid to happiness. "Fortunately", as the free version can not be extended, however, I will take a little longer.

From the outside and immediately harbor police is on a scooter next to me, brings me to the police station to give me a good kilo mangosteens and invite me to stay. After these 3 minutes, in Sumatra, it was clear that it will be a simple game in terms of accommodations. However, it seemed to me a little too early to end the day, so first on.

In Dumai suddenly a cyclist came up to me and said "You are Dennis!". He told me to follow him, we go to eat something and I can stay with him. Completely confused, it took several seconds until the gears started turning in my head and I remembered the picture at the port in Malaysia. The guy I met there, had sent it to a known, but had to work, so he had it in turn forwarded to the guy on the bike, which then still relatively happy found myself in this city of 300,000. His name was Ifal and he has a Food Wagon in which he flips the burgers every night and served together with his colleague to the finest reggae music. His mobile restaurant is called Chef Burger, inspired by the movie "Chef". That the reader may keep in mind, maybe I will in future fall back again on it.

After two nights, seven burgers and a new haircut freshen it went so go. Lots of traffic, no side strips, permanently 30m high, 30m down and not really what to see except countless palm trees. I want to go on the next 1300km up to Java? Not really. In Pekanbaru I stayed with Tasman, 60, Warmshowers-member, a connection that I had received from Dumai. With him I went through the possibilities: either the next 1200km or so on again and 350km drauflegen several meters and to West Sumatra. It was a spontaneous decision, but it was 100% correct, West Sumatra! Already on the way there I was rewarded with a wonderful, located in the jungle waterfall. Tourists here get lost probably rarely go, so I was in there for 2 hours to 100 selfies give (no exaggeration). In the long run a bit stressful, but the people were friendly, so I wanted to deny any his wish. In the evening I ended up at a wedding party in a village. Also there you have probably never seen a tourist, so I felt that I was more interesting than the bride and groom and the salaried photographer shot prefer selfies with me, instead of the party to be documented. The female part of the couple family showed the next morning impressively what contemporary Islam is. Click!

On the way towards the west I allowed myself, as on most days, a Paddle Pop ice, suddenly came from the street one up to me and said "You are Dennis!". Did not we already? This time the guy had seen a photo on Facebook that Tasman had uploaded. Sumatra bike scene seems to be well connected. There was an invitation, but I had to go to Padang, which I had reached the west coast. Again via Warmshowers in Afif, 26, which also Cyril, 30 was from France to host. He wanted the south, all the way to Jakarta on Java, crazy guy! Coincidentally, I was there and back. So it happened that for the first time fell silent my "I'm a poor lonesome cowboy" -Gesänge. And now it paid well so to have taken out the detour right. Hardly / No tourism, secluded beaches, wonderful rivers, dreamy landscapes. Cyril was the lucky, who was allowed to celebrate his birthday in this idyll. As the monsoon began as every afternoon / evening, we played with a bunch of kids start in the paddy field and jumped from trees in a canal. Then we could actually find and muffins also birthday candles in the shop in the village even. If `NEN has run, you have` nen run. It was certainly the best birthday 31te his life.

As mentioned it is in all the small villages as white bread, a special highlight and if it then are still two of this sort, of course, all hell breaks loose. When driving past, it always turn from all corners "Hey mister!", Up to 200 times a day (no exaggeration). Selfie here Selfie since, nasi goreng, mie goreng, roads mostly in good condition, daytime always boiling hot when still a high humidity, the evening had to timen the roost looking good to even the maximum rauszuholen of kilometers and still remain dry. Mainly we camped at mosques, but there were also private invitations. Just when we got used to correct the togetherness and wanted to "It takes two, to make a thing go right" sing, it occurred to me that I had my Power Bank and a charger forget a day earlier. Cyril had Time Trouble, because his brother wanted to come visit him in Jakarta and he still had to renew his visa, but I had to get (by bus and pickup) my stuff again, so we parted ways and we took exactly the same way, only with a tag distance. Shit happens, but the whole visa stress (it was also the 60 day denied in KL) forces you to really pay attention to every day.

So it was to deal with the rest on their own, each gear of the bicycle was used. The fingers on the circuit glowed, it was repeatedly Up and Down, as the Vengaboys at their best. 14875 vertical meters in 1885 km, that hurts, especially when on the mountain of the fan (wind) fails. I thought my body after 25 years to know, but what are to be made under these conditions my Schweißdrüßen capable I was not aware. Sumatra had a waterfall more. Some slopes were so extreme that the zigzag technique was the only way to driveway.

To leave the west coast towards Java I had across the Barisan Selatan National Park, where, inter alia, the Sumatran elephant, which are Sumatran rhino and the Sumatran tigers at home. A fence did not exist, it went straight through the jungle, but to get here a larger animal to face, it was rather unlikely. Too much noise of cars and motorcycles and throughout the park there as only an estimated 35 tigers. On 3568km² makes 102km² per tiger. Spacious, but rather a sad statistic.

On the way to Lampung, the last major city in the south, I tried on my previous hosts also a Connection to make it clear, but without success. I ate as so often Nasi and Ayam (chicken and rice) and just at the moment when I went out from the restaurant, made a guy with his scooter a wild turn, drove right up to me and said fully applied "You are Dennis! ". Again?!? He, Rio, 25, Warmshowers-member had, and saw the image of Afif from Padang me on Facebook. Yes, they are really fucking good network here. He gave me the address of a different Warmshowers-member where I could stay and where in the evening the whole Warmshowers crew Lampung convened by the accompanied me a part of the next morning to the city limits. Once up the hill, a flat tire (no. 3), on the ferry and bike together for about 1.53 € from Sumatra to Java. This is the island with the highest population density and thus also the worst traffic. Some 100 kilometers were from the ferry up to Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. 100 gruesome kilometers. Ugly, crowded, hardly room to dodge, diesel cloud in your face! Luckily, I knew from experience reports already in advance that Java is not the best place to pedaling and I anyway a part of Indonesia must leave on the way towards the east due to the visa-related Zeitknäppe that choice with Java had already fallen. For skipping, however, there were numerous opportunities to train, ferry, flight, which had to be compared in price, the time had to be held over until the expiry of the visa in the eye ($ 30 fine per day without a valid visa) and yet the experience factor at the location visa extension should be kept high because it takes up to a week before his passport you can pick up again, being in the meantime again have to look over. A Visa Run would have been an option, for example, fly to Singapore and re-enter even free for a new 30 days visa, in the case.

Arrived at my host in Jakarta, Hendro, 56, Warmshowers-member, owner of 7! Bicycles, Connection of Tasman from Pekanbaru (the network is island and across borders), we walked through the options and I had to decide quickly. To emphasize that I am still remained on the ground after more than 14000km, I chose the variant ... Flight :) That's the Boy fly, also confirmed the Fedtang crew, which met in the evening and I mean history with all could tell details and gave advice. Solemnly T-shirts were given to me, I received an honorary member and pimped my bike with stickers.

After a short city tour of Jakarta the next day, in which there was but to see anything special or do, Java was over for me. Certainly there are on the island to see wonderful things and do great things, but I had to airport. Flight and 16kg excess baggage for for 54 €, which can be seen. Anyone who has read the last blog entry times between the lines, know where the flight lands. I wanted for visa extension a place where it can be uncomfortable, or so. Who can not have this sophistry, just take a look on the map check the current location. When we are also unable missed please now a slap. For the next blog post, I can make this time unfortunately little announcements, I do not know myself exactly what to expect. If possible, I will embark on the search for a lizard that ever makes on a good day a water buffalo flat and I hope before my extended visa expires, to reach a country of which at least 98% of Germans do not know about my estimates that it exists and where it is located. So, stay tuned, it remains exciting and relevant Internet speed, can the next update can not wait so long in coming. Bye!

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