To be honest, I was quite clear from the outset that Malaysia had no chance to keep up with Thailand. A single rocket to ignite after a massive fireworks display is just not spectacular. The weather was good, the food cheap, the people friendly, there were private invitations to stay, Islam once again showed its hospitality, yet lacked something special. From the street could be seen rather little. If it had been the first country of the tour, I would probably have been flashed incredible, so it remains "quite nice" when. With a night at the fire department, a broken chain and a serious tropical rain, there was after all but a few "News". Unlike Unspektakulärität my journey towards the capital, but Kuala Lumpur has earned a star stamp in my diary. Maybe even Teddy, I have to think about it again. The traffic there is quite safe and not nearly as bad as going to other cities, the Petronas Towers are very presentable, you can celebrate and you get everything you need (spare parts, electronics, diesdas). The bike scene is thriving, so met my host Zahir and I at a Friday-eight union Wheel Sightseeing Tour countless other Pedalisten that kept Bicycle flag in the wind. In the Indonesian Embassy me the 60-day visa was denied, 30 days there are "on arrival". Although these are renewable for another 30 days, but the most likely means stress and wait. The best way to place waiting relocated to where you can stand it a week somewhere where you enjoy wunderBA sweet red wine on the beach, or like a BaBA LIquor can zipping Club. ... Have there been such an idea.

From KL we went to the early hours of the port to take the ferry to Dumai, Indonesia. There I ran into a Warmshowers-member who wore a T-shirt with the words "I AM CYCLIST". This seemingly unremarkable meeting and a nondescript picture had an enormous extent. The snowball effect works even in places where you do not even know what a snowball. For this purpose, however, more in the next part, Sumatra: Running through the Monsuuun, tsunami hazard and the Sumatran tiger is hungry. My chances of survival are low, keep your fingers crossed !!

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