For the first time in six countries it is, just go to the border, fill list and be there. pay nothing, not apply for visas, no special permits, no exit fees or other financial elbow. Hardly has crossed the border, I see modern cars, bike shops, restaurants clean, electric shutters with the latest technology undundund. Actually, I should know something yes, but the last few months had become accustomed to a different picture. However, much time to lose, I had not, after all, I was still in the Party depression Myanmar and had powerful thirst. On AH1 there was nothing to see, so it was just struggle. Here I acted me after about a 10400km plates a ... already the second so slowly enough! Pit Stop at tire specialists, 10 minutes, patch it, 20 baht and bye. Subsequently drove a scooter past me. The Mitfahrerin moved while riding a can of energy drink, opened it skillfully, pulled out a sterile packaged straw, peeling him gently from the plastic wrap, put it in the can and served me this lovingly zubereitenden drink. Under these conditions (Service Department and pits) Cycling is fairly simple and I broke through the 200km barrier and literally flew to Bangkok. Finally a place where what's going on! Beer. Beer. Beer. Scorpio. Shot. Do nothing ... to 1400km in the last 13 days.

Then I had a small meeting with a ladyboy in an art museum because I wanted to find out what is going on in these people. Finally, each Thailand travelers about ladyboys talks, but knows somehow none. You (actually [yet] He), 23, to "Cafe" is called, is born a boy, would like a girl and loves guys. Why? That they do not know well. But to declare his interests and preferences, generally has often nothing to do with logic. Is way it is. It was an interesting and profound conversation about the subject you have studies or it may also be his. It should be noted that even a ladyboy "an absolutely normal" can cause life: She has male friends, female friends, ladyboy friends, her family does not mind, it is a background dancer for a very well-known in Thailand pop singer, is also a fashion designer and will let umoperieren next year. The cost in Bangkok 200,000 baht (about 5000 €), so if your interest is piqued, go ahead! ;)

Back to tour: Some time in BKK wasted, but then in the 30th transition towards paradise. With the overnight ferry in 60's dormitory on the island of Ko Tao. It's a joke: I have 6 ½ months go wheel to enjoy such beauty, others sit on the plane and need only a few hours.

It is high season and therefore on all the islands well what's going on and every night is swinging the cabin and pulled the hip, which restores my soul for the last few months and simultaneously harms my liver. However, these are preventive measures in order to protect myself from kidnapping and illegal organ trafficking, Thai mafia, huhu! Topic horror stories: Full Moon Party! The Foreign Office writes. "At the monthly ,, moonlight parties" (Full Moon Party) on the island located north of Koh Samui (Koh) Pha Ngan has already broken multiple fatal incidents Repeats are women and girls from drugged or . raped alcohol standing participants "this intimidation motivated me then already to participate in this party to keep it short:.. beach, Techno, full moon, 30000 party animals, black light, Neonbemalung I thought that I know now how much I . tolerate, but how and when I arrived home that night, I can not say if I want to look for excuses, I could say now (like so many): "someone told me what made the drink." and if I want to look the truth in the face, this tells me: "That was a bucket too much, you idiot!"

The next day I woke up, was fit, screwed it all things still there, but the party and the weather was now crappy (Best of scatology). I took a ferry back to the mainland, arrived at 16.30 and wanted as soon as possible to Ko Phi Phi (no abusive language). So I drove at night 230km from the east to the west coast, mostly on an unlit highway across the jungle. However Sounds a little crazy, looking back I had, after all, my rest, finally arriving almost no cars passing by.

In the morning I took the first direct ferry from Krabi and so I made it within 20 hours from the foul weather on Ko Phangan for sunshine on Ko Phi Phi. There you wondered well what I want by bike, finally can get there drive a bike, but the nakedness I have to give now and give. Party Fair was Phi Phi the non plus ultra, but even better was certainly the snorkeling tour. So many colorful Fischis! There's nothing to tell, something you have to experience. To my euphoria, I must say that I was never really snorkel.

After four days of party, sun, beach brought me my last ferry to Ko Lanta, a rather quiet island -> here alcohol is additionally smoke weed for that relaxed. Particularly amused me the business strategy of fast food seller at the roadside: Pad Thai and marijuana. An unbeatable combination. No, I do not smoke pot and no, I did not mind. Nevertheless, I had to pack my things, including my visa ran out, otherwise I would be now gonna wind still there. The people who emigrate to Thailand, I understand now. I was really sad when I left the island, I had here in Thailand but had so much fun, so much celebrated and experienced so many great and interesting people from around the world met. I stood there, a crystal clear tears sprang from my eyes, trickled slowly down my cheek before ansetzte to leap and plunged into the depths. In flight, my heart began to bleed and the deep pain of parting crackled as fist-sized hailstones down on me. The tear flew and flew, seconds, minutes, hours, even days seemed to fly by and in this darkest moment when the tear with a discreet "splash" hit, I realized ... Malaysia is callin !!! Hahaaa! See you ;)

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