The hype around Myanmar is currently huge, you always see "the land opens" and yet there are some stumbling blocks that can be cleared away only with difficulty. I traveled from India, that is, the exit stamp came to pass. Since I had gotten only a single entry visa, so there was no turning back. From over the border river and on the Burmese side. There, the officers pointed directly to a sign "All foreigners need a special permit .... Blah ". Apparently tried or try some people from time to time without this Permit and then stuck in no man's land. Anyway, I had took care of it and we called my "Agent" at a small stupid Betel Chewing Burmese, who came with the special permit to the border. For this spectacular performance, the travel agency conceded whopping $ 105, but since there are only two agencies that offer this service at all, I had no choice but to throw them the coal into the throat. It appears to be a resounding slap on the wallet to act, however, put into perspective this sound, if one considers that I am from this time for maximum 28 days allowed to move (except for a few restricted areas) freely in Myanmar. All travelers who come with motorized companions, need a guide book and have completely organized major tours, including hotels, which is associated with horrendous costs. Because of this, has the bicycle as a travel agent in Myanmar, and in fact I met a handful of other cyclists who spent their holidays here together with biking. The rules state further that it is prohibited to stay outside of official hotels or guesthouses. What happens in case of law violation, could I say no, even policemen not know what I did not care, because you just simply must not get caught up. Thug Life! : P

The first few hours were amazing, I had actually managed to enter it in Myanmar, the country currently everyone is talking about and above this limit beyond which you will find the most varied rumors on the Internet. The man saluted from all directions and they rejoiced. A "Mingalaba" (= Hi), coupled with a wonderfully friendly smile is all I want, when I drive with my bike. No "Where you from" no Gegaffe, no stupid questions. Top weather, little traffic (again from now on the right side), good road, a lot of agriculture and an abundance of shiny golden temples and pagodas. Truly chic! Somehow I ended up on the second evening in Kale (a very small town) and found an English-speaking teacher at my age, which I orally dumped some "Myanmar" (beer) and cleared me of this beige paste that here all children and women face have. She calls herself Thanaka, is made of wood Thanaka along with some water by rubbing on a stone, has a pleasant aroma, is "supported" only in Myanmar and protects the skin from the sun, for example, for long working days in the field. Often it is also easily carried only as a nice "Makeup" and even designed any designs. Even though I'm probably a little too old for that, I smeared my stuff in the face in order to suggest the locals, I was a local. Also on the market, where not a single tourist was found, I was (with my 1,95m) hardly on, finally I had disguised myself with Thanaka. Only through my amateur art at the pasta-with-sauce-mixing and by the fact that my knees were on this Mini-chairs next to my ears, I was striking. When I was unmasked, I was allowed to eat directly vain, foreigners bonus. This market women because of their friendliness to their 14 cents for 2 portions of "stealing" was me then but a little too embarrassed, so I gave her the 200 kyat, which she accepted reluctantly.

On my way forward I took a road that was marked on my little card not even on Google Maps, however, already. 80 km sandy and very rough stones, horrible! Did I mention that my bike's unsprung? I was sure that something on the bike this route will not survive, but, amazingly, I was wrong. Even more astonishing, however, was that there were some trucks actually encountered, of which, however, every second was because the material had failed. Passing a 116m high Buddha figure, which probably is more of a side note in guidebooks, even if it is the second largest in the world, she went to Mandalay. Have I looked me from the city to ... no webpage not maintain by itself ... but somewhere here I have a serious mistake in choosing my dishes have committed (to the same a little more).

I drove on and found in an insignificant town called Myingyan a (Catholic) Church, finally stood Christmas just around the corner. I bought Christmas presents, cleaned the bike, went to the hairdresser and had missed me for about 58 cents a Burmese haircut with a touch of Christiano Ronaldo. Sounds ridiculous first, but I can bear it;) In the night service was sung to the bet (Silent Night, Holy Night is also available in a Burmese version), all at very jazzy beats boomed from the keyboard by the Speakers and the Pastor swing the censer that the church a Smokebox resembled. In summary, a very entertaining worship, although I did not understand a word, because he was kept completely in Burmese. Incidentally, I got a new cap for 2.5 € and for the bike, there was some jewelry: it got a new chain, after more than 9000km.

Next we went to Old Bangan, the highlight of Myanmar, an ancient city, in the countless up to 1000 years old pagodas and temples spread over 36km². Unfortunately, the mass tourism has long since arrived here, but the area is so large that you could always find a pagoda left alone as long as it was not one of the greats. Camping needs here in the sanctuary of the country, probably be a serious crime, but I let it take me not and spent two nights in the tent.

In entry of Nepal and India I had made fun of me yet about the food and the hygiene of Asia, now there was for the bill. Through my error in Mandalay I felt so bad that I daytime face any small temples fell asleep, was aufgepeppelt by a Brazilian duos, I somehow struggled through the day, but could not eat. Actually, I'm think 'comes naturally, goes on its own ", but on the second day it was really so much that I dropped in times when Doc. With all sorts of pills in the luggage it went on, finally I did not want in an expensive hotel (=> tourist area) to lie in bed, nothing to do and are somehow healthy. I could not eat for two days more than a small breakfast, in the next two days I was able to eat, but as it came in, it came very quickly out again. Not too surprising, my mood, the mass tourism deteriorated in Bagan had stolen me the mystique of the country, the friendliness of the people on the old highway was not so great as in the beginning, the rule "only sleep in hotels" with the difficult I often the roost Search and partly I did not sleep more than four hours on my air mattress, which in turn lost air. Accordingly, I was motivated to quickly come to Thailand. So I cycled still somehow 100km per day, all without food and with little sleep. On the fifth day I had all day long loud soliloquies with different characters, especially the. Of the bath salts CDs Suitable for that I drove over a wide, but almost empty highway through the middle of rice field in the capital Naypyitaw, perhaps most bizarre capital of the world? Up to 7 (-> 14) lane roads, traffic signals !, thick Hotels and no people. You might think I would have because of my mental state all just a dream, but after two or three pimps clamps that I missed myself, I realized that I'm awake. It seemed as if tomorrow the great rush of tourists, but it looks well here for 10 years like this. Completely absurd on the one hand, on the other hand, I thought, the planner of New York or Dubai have probably have been held for crazy ... so we give the city another 50 years.

Just in time for the end of the year I felt better, I could eat again and was ready to go steeply in the New Year's Eve. This joy, however, was clouded, when I realized bored that Silvester here rather say: I do not fireworks alcohol also do not need, I'll stay awake until 12, I congratulate my fellow men and then go to sleep. Yeah, when it comes to night sociology should again take the Burmese little tutoring. I am 25, single, can do whatever I want, want to celebrate and what's going on? Nothing. So I was motivated to uphold the pace in the new year and to come quickly after crazy Bangkok. I still came under a few times at some churches, since there seems to be a high attendance for them really, because if it were a real (* cough *) Christ comes from Europe. Since the time set using the non-outside-of-hotels will then also like disregarded. A small highlight was still constitute the accident by a motorcyclist who together riders overtaking me peeked rear, instead of paying attention to the road and reinrasselte in a stationary bike with three people. I mean me to remember an advertisement in which a cyclist two women behind peeps and ends up in the flower bed. That would be a story that could reveal proudly at the table. But in this case? Tough luck, guys. Seriously injured were luckily no ... I think.

Also in recent days, the large sprocket, the 10000km brand continued to penetrate, cracked, and elated the Thai border reached. On the border bridge the driving side was again changed, leaving very easy entry into Thailand also, but, ladies and gentlemen, is there in the next chapter to read. Rumored the author had much thirst that he more than 200km to get quickly to Bangkok, where he was kidnapped but two ladyboys and since then chained in a pink tutu every day must wipe the cellar floor on one day drove. I think it's great nonsense, so stay tuned, when the truth comes out. See you!

in jedem kleinsten Dorf war Werbung für Myanmar zu finden
Tropenkrebs, ab zur Vorsorgeuntersuchung!
für eine kleine "donation" bekam ich mein eigenes Weihnachtslied gesungen
mit Thanaka getarnt auf dem Markt
sieht zwar idyllisch aus, war aber eher weniger spaßig...
...dafür gab es die Ursprünglichkeit Myanmars und teilweise absolute Stille zu genießen
der Ronaldo-Christmas-Cut
Old Bagan
völlig entkräftet ... geht es durch die Geisterstadt Naypyitaw
zwar verboten, aber an sich ist Myanmar ziemlich gut zum Wildcamping geeignet
einer der kreativsten Schlafplätze meiner Tour ... und dennoch mit Internet und Steckdosen
auch wenn der Weg noch immer weit ist und Eigenlob stinkt, möchte ich mittlerweile behaupten, dass ich schon ein gutes Stück voran gekommen bin