On the Internet to read often things like "India is dirty, people do anything for money and steal, the traffic is hell on earth, etc". First, I can not check who wrote such things, and secondly, India is one of the largest, most populous and most of all diverse countries in the world, about which you really can not make any generalizations, and that is why I should like to take my own conscience, that these Information could penetrate my cerebral cortex. It took a few hours mental effort to take the prejudice, but when that was done, I could losradeln completely relaxed.

First we went through the state West Bengal, who is here in his north full of tea gardens. So I ended up one evening away with a teacher in the village of Hope Tea Garden, 2km from the border with Bhutan. Here comes probably hardly ever a tourist past, especially not by bicycle. This bicycle costs the manufacturer incidentally € 1,350, without bags, electronics, frills. To be able to afford it, would a worker in this tea garden more than 2 years will save its complete content. You get 122 rupees a day, which corresponds to about 1.70 €. From that moment, I always said that the bike will cost about 350 €, but even that was for most a sensation.

In Assam (State) I ended up in a Catholic boarding school and stayed an entire day there. When I went on the first night by the full dining room and the kids saw me for the first time, suddenly all hell broke loose. When I something of "Superstar" wrote in Iran-blog, it was completely overdone (now it's out). This was true superstar feeling! Plates were allowed to stand and I surrounded and I punctured with questions. I do not know how many times I had to tell my story in these 2 days, but that came to my mind, a parrot to buy, which can answer for me. The would distract from me and had wonderful on the left side of the handlebar space. However, in Assam, I was not able to find as much as anticipated. On the second evening, pre-Christmas was celebrated with prayer, followed by excessive dancing to trashy pop music. Special joy gave me, when Santa appeared and was beaten up by the kids, because they were dissatisfied with the speed of candy award. 30 Indian Kids, Santa chase after, beat on him, push him, and have a lot of fun here. A wonderful image that I will not go well so quickly from the top. The next morning, when adopting the guys said several times "Do not forget us!". I felt like Peter Pan on his last day in Neverland. I was glad that my homies had become the second morning of the groupies from the first day.

What an experience! ... And now is gehatet !!! ... Because otherwise there was not much for me to see in Assam. There were to see me. Again and again I was just staring, often without anyone what said. I was often hungry, because I wanted to stop at any restaurant because I knew exactly what would happen. Within 20 seconds surround 10 Indian bicycle, look at it and as soon as they are so that through them look at me, but do not say anything and go only when I ate and continued driving. I thought that if I ranfahre forcefully into a restaurant and immediately before Parke, nobody sees me, but there was no hope ... as I said, 20 seconds. On the bike I was also often questioned. Even if the opposite can not speak English, a "Where you from?" It always enough. So the conversation ended and often after this question. To entertain myself a little, I thought of some countries or just said something. I had a feeling that the answer is irrelevant anyway. For more Selfies I had to serve every day, often without even the real conversation. Here I thought for the first time, it would be better for two people to go, because it is difficult to make fun of someone alone. Try it out, it does not.

Of course, not all so hollow breads, as just described, but also in the friendly people I met ... it was a good experience, but somehow they tick differently. Except there was certainly Vikram and his family. With them, I enjoyed a relaxed time and he also provided the answer to the question "How do you do then the night with your bike?". He is the owner of a security company, you could have imagined)

Once the border has been crossed by Nagaland, came on at once the Christmas spirit. In the town of Dimapur shone, sparkled and flashed it in every street. Here the majority of the population is Christian. The behavior of the people was again significantly more pleasant. Here and in Manipur (last state before Myanmar) stopped staring at, every now and again was even said hello and to eat the bike a quick glance was paid and then was gone. In Manipur I saw all the soldiers 2km. They were everywhere, even in the bushes. From me they wanted nothing, partly we even had some funny conversations and there was tea, but as it is for the civilian population, I can not say exactly. Due to the many different tribes and religions, which represent a potential for conflict, and because of drug smuggling from Myanmar, the Indian government bestows this state probably special attention in the form of extreme military presence. For this purpose, a small link to the longest hunger strike in the world.

On the last night, when I was allowed to stay in the Presidential Suite of the Immanuel Church in Moreh, I went again the information from the Foreign Office to travel to Myanmar by:

"Travelling in the country (...) The border crossings (...) Tamu (Chin State) - Morei (India) are open only for trade, not for tourists." Foreign Office, do your job!

And a few more bonus Facts:

The traffic was not nearly as bad as often described. On the country anyway. The town is indeed a lot of honking and incredibly messed risks but if you do the ears and eyes on, one comes quite well.

The horn is about nothing. Man honks here to say that one obsolete, or that one is also there. It's pretty stupid, because it makes the traffic is not secure, but hectic and that's by-the-City run totally unrelaxed.

The food is pretty awesome and costs little. A thick portion of the one will really full costs + - € 1, with no meat nor less. Is eaten, as in Nepal, with his hand, even the rice. In principle, everything is seasoned with curry and neatly made sharp, but it works. Sometimes you should turn the head when you eat, after all that is not taken with the hygiene here so seriously and wash often is, to pour some water over the plate. Once I had to climb via the sewer in order to eat in the restaurant directly behind it, as I said, head out! Oh, and who had put on diarrheal disease, I have to disappoint, the coal is gone, finally, I've followed the golden rule Asia Traveler: "Peal it, cook it, or forget it" ... or. I have somewhat expanded: "Peal it, cook it, or pfeifs you in anyway and lean on your luck".

In Germany, I am indeed above average in size, but not a giant. In India, I am a giant. Again and again, people crept close to me to show how extreme the difference in size or stood beside the bike that went up to their chests.

I do think that my bike is quite nice, but since India I know what it is for a missile. Dynamo for lighting and mobile phone charging cable, horns, hydraulic brakes, speedometer. But what with here

Far the most admired, is quite normal for us: the gearshift. "Look! Gear, gear !!! "

My Tour is not only a trip around the world, it is also a journey through time. Starting in 2015, I was in Iran in 1394, back to 2015, Nepal visited in 2072 and went back to 2015 in India. And now the Firecracker: soon I drive even 2016! The TX-400, the Delorean among bicycles.

At first I did not know what to write about India, now it's back to become much. I would like to apologize in all formality. Actually, I would have more food, for example, the Top 5 Weirdest Stories, but that has to wait probably. Whether I now pick up the means of illegal border crossing or whether I "act" or whether I start to cry, turn around and go home, that you learn in the next year! I thank all the readers that I could hopefully entertain something in the first six months and even more to those who even gave me a feedback to the nonsense that exists here to read sometimes. And in reading lazy, giving the first line and then reinziehen the pictures, I would also like to thank theoretically, but they are certainly not come this far. So, greetings, all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Lassts crashing! ... Because you know: YOLO!

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