The answer is so Nepal! Anyone who thinks they could so arbitrarily driving around the world is wrong! Since you do not a visa-on-arrival will receive in each country or can register online, must from installing and to embassies of countries coming into the route you. Kathmandu is as well one of the more unusual solutions, but in my opinion pretty smart: P

A friend wrote to me: "You want to drive around the cold and fly to the Himalayas?" But all not so bad, after all, is Kathmandu just to about 1300m and also in November, the temperatures at a pleasant 24 ° C while at night usually not colder than 10 ° C.

The first time so a "classic" Journey Feeling. While cultures and landscapes merge more smoothly for me, were here bridged within a few hours 2750km and I was suddenly in Asia, how I had imagined. Buddhism, Hinduism, tea, incense, spicy food, rice!

Fly with bike is not particularly fun, but everything went smoothly. The box came good on the baggage carousel run, no scratches, no hole, top notch! Building, running wheels, light works, madness! Not bad for my first time :)

At night it was still across the barely lit Kathmandu, past fighting street dogs and with a scent of incense sent configured and drop in the nose. All on the left side. By dark alleys led me to my goal the Navi: Sujan, 22, CouchSurfing Newbe. As a welcome present, there was a power failure. The look, however, every day at least once over, nothing special. From here, I could make all the necessary errands, and me in the meantime look at the city, while his mother spoiled me daily with the fine art of Nepalese cuisine.

Visa Process:

Day 1: India Visa Application Submit and pay. $ 50! 6 months, and multiple-entry is standard, since Nepal does not, however, is my homeland, perhaps less. Come in 6 days again!

Day 2: visa application Myanmar. In contrast to the Indian Embassy here nothing going on. Fill the request, $ 20 for the visa, 300 Nepalee Rupee (= € 2.70) for 2 mangy A4 sheets Application Form. Since I was probably the exception, as a Christmas goose. Let pass as you come back in 2 days!

Day 4: Pass pick! Myanmar visa, check!

Day 7: Pass submit in the Indian Embassy. But wait over 2 hours. 4 Month, Single-Entry from ... TODAY! Completely arbitrary and without notice, but for me more than enough. Others who had expected 6 months multiple entry and it has not got, got paid tantrums. Entertaining :) Come back tomorrow!

Day 8: Pass pick. India visa, check!


The consequences of the severe earthquake in April and May (7,8MW, approximately 8800 deaths) are still visible throughout the city. Many "Ground Zero", the houses have to be supported and destroys many landmarks and temples. Also during my stay once shook the walls for about 5 seconds. 5,3MW! For me quite "interesting" for the Nepalese traumatized, probably rather less funny. Just unlustig is also the honking on the streets. Everyone honks always and everywhere, no matter if a situation does not seem to be dangerous or. That the Drivers and motorcyclists will thus produce collectively a horrible noise, is probably not yet come into their minds. I buzzed first ideas for prepaid horn for noise reduction around in my head. Therefore, however, I take care of it when I'm with the succession in Oman through. The roads are also in poor to terrible condition, one wonders really what is with the vast amounts of money that will be flushed through the booming tourism in the country, made.

Otherwise Kathmandu is pretty colorful, Hinduism and Buddhism come together, at every corner there is to find a temple. In Thamel, the tourist district of Kathmandu, there are all sorts of chic souvenirs, original or alternatively fake trekking stuff and an entourage of guys who want you turn on drugs in best quality. To the delight of my purse I need none of that. To his annoyance, the beer is not particularly cheap, but as a genuine Nepalese beer will be tasted. Tastes. But why there is really on every corner Mountain Dew (very sweet soft drink with higher levels of caffeine ... for older readers) that is so widespread in Germany rather little? Oh, and here there are all sorts of mountains. Sensational marketing strategy! Tastes with these facts actually better in mind and can be also wonderful mix with true mountaineers schnapps, which was shown to me by Sujans father, who just came back from the Everest Base Camp. For this purpose, the daily power outage, family and neighbors at the start, a great atmosphere. Atmosphere also had the Pashupatinath Temple, but this was rather a bit bizarre. On one side of the river a Hindu ceremony was celebrated, on the other bodies were burned, scurried between dogs, cows and monkeys around and a couple of kids used the facility as a skate spot. A truly interesting conclusion of the waiting period, it has now but go.

For the first time I got the confirmation that the bike is the right travel agent, because due to demonstrations and related border blockades to India, there is "Kraftstoffknäppe" and you have to queue up to 2 hours for a few liters of gasoline. With a broad grin, I went to the military controlled queues over and even shot a few photos. First we went through the "Stem" of the Himalayas through all sorts of little villages. As learned in Armenia, located in altitude transformed into good prospects. The runs ... words fail me. Was greeted to 95% not alone, so I took the helm in hand (I had now taught enough in the Islamic world get long) and greeted always with a friendly NAMASTE! The reactions were pure gold! Since the white bread is rolled over with his bike and it speaks our language! Namaste !, it always turn back. So a Nepalese grin is just beautiful, whether young, old, male or female, just beautiful.

Immediately when I reached the East-West Highway in the lowlands of Nepal, the picture changed dramatically. I thought at the beginning of Resident Evil 2, an apocalyptic scenario. Tons of trash on the roadside, a few wisps of smoke from burning piles of rubbish and in a street restaurant two types hit each first properly on the mouth. People also saw suddenly different, much darker, more like I had imagined Indians. And their behavior was completely different. I stopped, I was surrounded fairly quickly, but no one said anything. Just gawk. I wonder to this day, what where in your mind going and imagine a pair of gears that have somehow hooked and try in vain to keep running. Every now and then one went next to me and said nothing. I slowed down, he also took out the gas as soon as I pedaled, he made with in order to remain at the same level. I did not let on, but as it gave me, I laid out a screeching halt. In fact, she did the same, but always a bit too late. When I then one minute pretending something to look in my pocket, the scoundrel disappeared finally. From time to time, when I overtook one of the faster cyclists, these wanted to show that he is king of the road and suddenly hacked into the pedals to pull over again to me. This kindergarten gabs to watch again and again with a mixture of amusement and shaking his head in the rearview mirror. The situation improved somewhat, but at this point I have to actually complain about something for the first time. This is but hopefully at the same time the proof that everything that happened previously landed not only so cool in this blog, but really was so cool. All the more pleased I was when I met a motorcyclist from Holland who told me that, to go by military convoy in Pakistan rum, is quite unrelaxed and that he has exaggerated sheets lot and a guide needs to tours in Myanmar allowed. Everything was great, I thought, stuffed my cap ear and went completely relaxed towards India. And if there is anything really so crazy, as people say, and if I get through with no diarrheal disease, which is read next time. Bets can be paid in cash to 15.12 at home in fresh € 50 sparkles with me. See you!

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