It is on the border to fill out a piece of paper and to pay 5 Omani Rial (about 12 €) for a 10 day visa. The border guards showed randomly on one of my bags, I opened, he saw two tomatoes, pushed them aside and saw a cucumber and said "Okay". So I was so in Oman, a country of which we know virtually nothing. Finally, there are from here to report anything bad, so uninteresting for our media. Almost as big as Germany, but only a little more than 3 million inhabitants, mostly desert, in the north of a mountain which even crack the 3000m, almost everyone speaks english, the streets are the best on my recent tour, the people are very friendly, but not so strenuous friendly as it partly was the case in Iran, I'll call it "likable".

In the first part, it went for me straight through the desert. A few villages, but then when surrounded with plenty of date palms, from time to time a whirlwind, a few camels and the sun ballerte from above. This energy I did not want to just fizzle like this, so I warmed daytime canned food on to it in the evening eat hot can. Was camped just somewhere in the nowhere, enough space was there and sometimes it was even at night not colder than 29 °. The starry sky could be seen, but left still room for improvement.

Looking for my couchsurfing host, I ended up in Bahla in a PC. The owners rejoiced mightily and drove me to a so-called spontaneous Wadi, a small river / source / water source. Fact! There are actually water! My Bike I left just like that, unfinished stand outside the shop, no problem, you are in Oman.

The next day, as I looked at the fortress of Bahla (UNESCO World Heritage Site), I happened with four German travelers from this week. It turned out that they are from Flieden (40km from my home) and my uncle know. Prompt came the invitation to ride the next day with her 4x4. A day hessisches chatter, home! It also went to places I would never have got there by bike. After dinner I had a short meeting with another couch surfer who told me that the Sultan is currently in his palace, here near Nizwa. Somehow our conversation bobbed up and I was motivated to go there with my bike and knock on the door. Mind's Sultan Qabus ibn Sa'id one of the richest and most powerful people in the world, so it was impossible to get in there, but I thought only YOLO! On the walls of cameras and equipment Grant, around it anywhere SUVs in readiness, partially equipped with machinegun. Before the gate again some heavily armed soldiers. I went there and they signaled to me already that I'm wrong here, but I drove up to the entrance. I asked kindly if I could not pure, after all, I was driven by Germany up to this point and have a picture and a poem for the Sultan. I think they thought that I'm crazy. I thought the way also. After a short talk, I was nevertheless dismissed friendly. The comment that the Sultan still have no heir, I kept at this moment for me and took advantage with a wide grin.

In Muscat, the capital of Oman, I took my host Steve with the Wadi Shab, probably the coolest thing I've seen on my previous tour / made. A fertile canyon with palm trees, in a clean river runs, which offered some pools for swimming and especially to jump in. The last part had to swim and even dive, pure adventure! Climbing, jumping, climbing, jumping, 4m, 5m, 7m. Here I could verspringen all day. But we still wanted to Sinkhole, a 20m deep hole in which you could jump in and swim. YOLO Part. 2

Nutmeg for me was the terminus of the Islamic world and because the flying carpets were just sold out I had in the plane. Steve had brought me from the bike shop, a bicycle box and together with Mike, a cyclist from Scotland, who was with the Wadi Shab, I disassembled my bike and bagged him. Sounds simple, was quite corrosive, especially with the certainty of having to reassemble it. He had unfortunately (fortunately) not at home, so I had to appreciate and hope to stay under my 30kg free baggage scales.

At the airport then the disillusionment, the box alone weighed already 31kg, the second piece again 4kg. In addition, I had two instead of one permitted piece of cabin baggage, which together account for about 13 instead allowed 7kg weighed. The Associate of Oman Air was friendly and about my age, my chance! A bit of small talk, a few jokes, my incredible story in her ears, a bit more small talk ... eventually I had come. A phone call, Special Request, it's okay. I left her there a few sweets and took advantage. Thus, the price remained at reasonable € 142 instead of again around 7 € per kilo to pay excess baggage, which would strictly speaking have been about 80 €. On the flight there was even beer or whiskey, for free! and as it was during the day, in addition a wonderful view over the Gulf of Oman and the Iranian-Pakistani border, which the reason is sometimes to fly over the whole. One comes there indeed already through, but you need a military convoy, which was at times also bombarded ever and people have died. I really could not do that to my mother now, she is suffering enough already;)

Where the plane lands now part of course only in the next blog. A little tip: There is an Embassy of India and Myanmar, ie two birds with one stone be annihilated! See you!

Bahla Fort
...zu spät, die Hesse komme! Ab in die Berge mit meinen Freunden aus Flieden
Zum ersten Mal musste ich on the road meinen Pass zeigen, aber das ist natürlich nicht umsonst! Ich fragte nach Wasser und die Polizisten geben mir eisklates Wasser, Orangensaft und Mangosaft!
Auch wenn ich nicht in seinen Palast eintreten durfte, das gemeinsame Foto hab ich mir abgeholt
Kochen mit Ökostrom
Wer das 3 Mal schnell hintereinander aufsagen kann, darf einmal in die Keksdose greifen.
Hochsicherheitstrakt. Reinschleichen unmöglich!
Wadi Shab
The Sinkhole
Die Grenze zwischen Iran und Pakistan - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
Zwar möglich, aber nicht sonderlich sicher und vor allem hätte ich dann den Oman verpasst...alles richtig gemacht!
Dressed-Up-Steve ^^