When entering the harbor at Sharjah port police was probably still asleep, so we had to wait almost two hours before we were allowed on the ferry, but then everything went like clockwork and the tourists were even released as the first. 30-day visa free! The No Naked Lights made even a graduation photo and the tears of their fans each went his own way. I drove to my friend Barry and lived a few days in the Lakes in Dubai, I know from basketball in Gelnhausen and that will be one or the other reader known. Barry, his wife, three kids (6 to 11), a dog and a cat, family life pur! From the second day, I was employed as arbiters :) There was a pool, a guest room with king-size bed, German food and beer! The first for a month, the tremor suddenly disappeared.

Dubai itself is just Dubai. A raised out of nowhere city that continues to grow. In part, the streets of entire neighborhoods are already completed and there is still not a single house -> Paint by Numbers and the dream of every city planner. Who automobiles and architecture stands on exceptional (thousand) e, this is the place. Otherwise, I must say that if I compare hype with reality, this city is the last place by far. Dubai Mall, Burj Kalifa (from below), the beach, that's it. Everything else would have been prohibitively expensive for me, but who does not know where his money comes to Dubai! Skiing, jet skiing, parachuting, go shopping in huge water park and then again at Gucci. Not for me, but I asked her if she had not `ne chic handlebar bag for me. Had not she, Saftladen! So I went to Oman and was invited again after all in Al-Ain of a "real" Arabs. Dates and Arabic coffee were always on the table. The dinner (rice and chicken) was eaten by hand, but only with the right. The left has a different purpose. The garbage was simply allowed to stand on the spot in the park, the rooms have someone (probably a cheap Indian labor force) to. Accordingly, it also looked at the park, but in the morning everything is clean again ... super! In the last roundabout before the border was going to kill me with his pickup truck even an old Arab, but he rebounded apparently from my invisible shield from. And after the joy was so great that for entry via the free 30-day visa, I had to pay 35 dirhams (8.75 €) departure tax. I hope the 8.75 have generated interest neatly in the 10 days! Then told me a sign "PEACE BE WITH YOU", I said: "I take" and together we went over and made the dozen on the scoreboard in the "Country" column full.

Dubai Mall: Eines der größten Einkaufszentren der Welt mit Aquarium, Eishockeyfeld, Kussverbot undundund. Gleich nebenan der Burj Kalifa, mit 828m (noch) das größte Gebäude der Welt und direkt davor beeindruckende Wasserspiele.
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