Just as with Georgia, I had not thought in my plans in approach from traveling through Armenia. At this point I would like to thank the PKK, because I would have skipped this insanely beautiful country without them. In advance, I once had inveigled me the road on Google Maps and was thus prepared that good prospects are to be paid with pain. In just 10 days I collected more than 10,000 vertical meters (Tagesbestwert: 2170 meters of altitude, Highest point: 2554 m above sea level) and now in retrospect, where the pain is gone and only the memories, I can say that each meter has paid , Again and again I just stood there and stared for several minutes at a distance and could not believe that it really is true there. Here want to describe something is nonsense, you looks kindly on the photos! (even if they are far removed from reality)

The streets were not always in the best condition, but the traffic was very low. Now and then there was an unlit tunnel, some had to drive cattle slalom and in the mountains it was distracted by the aesthetics of hunting eagle. In some villages, I thought, here the time has stopped about 60 years ago. Not that I know what it looked like 60 years ago, but just add 'I look at the front.

The nights were partly very cold, about 2000 m above sea level, even only just above freezing. Temperatures, for which I am not equipped. So I camped a few times though, for example, at Nairi and Melsida in the garden or on a farm, but to protect myself from the cold, there was, for example, a night with his head on the table in a gas station, a night on a couch in the kitchen of a campsite and a night in the police station.

All Armenians, whom I met were all very friendly and incredibly helpful. So I even wanted to adopt the payment amount a campsite owner, because I barely had cash, nothing to eat for the next day and he knew that the next 60km no ATM, but only lousy road comes. But then I could pay in € uro and he gave me money in return Armenian Dram back (and a free beer on top). Flashed! Tatev monastery from, I verbockte then anyway what to buy food. Without that, I asked, giving me a little pastry, because he was good at what I was doing. Later, when it was really urgent and the village had not even more a mini-market, I stopped at four dangerous-looking types. Where you really wanted to not meet at night, but behind the facade criminals, put four nice guys (without that I asked) first a thick picnic on the trunk assemblies and we tipped some homemade schnapps. Do not drink and drive, the same goes for me!

On the last day I met Perry and Ellen know from Germany that with their Caravan (Monster Truck!) Drive around the world ( We prepared mentally and morally to the border crossing with Iran before, ate together and annihilated together the last alcohol radicals, finally is in Iran not welcome ... well, I've heard at least. Whether it actually holds, how dear are Iranian Trucker whether I will really enforce the announced Selfie stick stoning and how anbaggert Iranian Girls, you experience next time! Spread the word and remain tuned! See you!